Senior Spotlight: Oscar Flores


Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us,” Romans 18:8.

This Bible verse is what senior Oscar Flores has lived by his entire life and continues to use as a guide in any journey he explores. No matter what comes his way, no matter what trials fall in his path, Oscar lives his life knowing that better will come, and he is excited to see what God has in store for him in the years following his upcoming graduation.

Oscar Yahir Flores Guardado is the 18-year-old son of Oscar and Milady Flores and older brother to Robert and Diego Flores . He was born in Juan Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico. He moved to Muleshoe, Texas, in October of 2012 at the age of eight where he lived for three years. In fifth grade, his family moved to Earth where they have called home ever since.  In high school, Oscar has participated in athletics for two years, cross-examination debate for four, one-act play for four, and band for four. 

Overall, he could not be more proud of the accomplishments he has made thus far.

“I’m very proud of how far I have made it in my academics and my studies,” Flores said. “My parents never made it past high school, and I am very proud of the person I am becoming and happy because I am making all of my family proud.” 

Marlana Tanaro has had Oscar since his freshman year, teaching him English I, coaching him in debate, and directing him in One-Act Play as assistant director.

“He has definitely matured between freshman and senior year,” Tanaro said. “He takes some things more seriously than others, but I like that he knows when to take things seriously and when to lighten the mood.”

Oscar’s favorite events include athletics, band, and debate. He is not currently in athletics as of right now, but he played football his junior year. He also has a deep love for fitness, which he upholds despite not being in the program. 

“When I lift, all my worries go away, and I leave all the stress behind me,” Flores said. “I know that with every lift and every rep, I come closer to achieving my goal.” 

Oscar has three main goals for his future: he wants to travel the world, exceed the expectations others have of him, and honor God while he pursues his future. 

“I really want to see the beauty of other cultures and experience the great things people have done in other countries,” Flores said. “I want to prove to those who have doubted me that I am capable of becoming more, but overall, I want to continue to serve God and put him above all things.” 

In band, Oscar has competed at the State Marching Band contest twice, getting 7th the first time and 12th the next. He has been an important part of a successful Sweepstakes Band, has made the ATTSB Honor Band four times, performed in it three times, and has made it to state in Solo & Ensemble two times. Oscar is part of his church’s worship band and plays five instruments: the euphonium, the piano, the bass guitar, the guitar, and his favorite, the drums.  

“I just love getting lost in the music and challenging myself with harder pieces of music while learning new things,” Flores said.  

Oscar has found his place in the band where he serves as an important leader. 

“In band, certain people that don’t really have a place to belong flock to Oscar,” Tanaro said. “When he does something, they are all like ‘oh, that’s what we’re supposed to do.’” 

Oscar and his family posing for Christmas pictures. Oscar has two little brothers. (Alejandro Ruiz)

In CX Debate, Oscar was a State-Quarter finalist last year and has qualified for state again this year. He has also made it to regionals in Prose Speaking UIL and will be competing in Informative Speaking this coming March. 

“I love speaking, talking about politics, and a good argument,” Flores said. 

Developing his voice in debate and theatre has given him the skill to make him confident in his future. 

“I am a great speaker, and I believe that being open, not shy, will get you to your goals faster,” Flores said. “I am a determined person, and I will work hard to do everything in my power to reach my dreams and goals.” 

Joining the Marines is Oscar’s main career goal, but he is also considering becoming an engineer.  

“I want him to have success in whatever he does,” sophomore Nehemiah Castillo said. 

Oscar has several traits to help him be successful and has caused an impact on the people around him.  

“He’s a good person because you’re able to trust him with certain things,” Castillo said. “He’s a good friend to have because he knows how to encourage you at times.” 

As someone ready to do whatever is asked of him, Oscar is known as an accountable person. 

“He’s always going to look and find a way to help you whatever the situation is,” senior Alex Alvarez said. “He doesn’t dislike anyone, and he tries to find the good in everybody.” 

Alvarez has been close to Oscar since fifth grade, and they’ve stayed close ever since, bouncing ideas off each other for college and encouraging each other throughout high school. 

“Even today, I can text him anything, and he’ll do his best to help me; he’s willing to sacrifice any of his time,” Alvarez said. “If he can, he will.” 

To Oscar, it’s a result of his life so far and what he hopes for his future.  

“I love helping people and having conversations,” Flores said. “Many things have happened, and I’ve been through so much. But it has helped me to get here with more strength and determination to keep moving forward.” 

Overall, Oscar has enjoyed his high school experience and values the connections he has made so far.  

“I think I’m going to miss the people,” Oscar said. “A lot of these great teachers and great friends have made a really big impact on who I am today, and I know that I will remember them forever, even Mrs. Tanaro.” 

Oscar Flores is a member of the 2023 graduating class and has made a large impact on Springlake-Earth High School. He’s ready to continue down his path, wherever it may lead.  

“I’m not exactly sure of where God will take me, but I am calm for I know my future is in his hands; I will be okay,” Flores said. “I’m excited to finish and start making my own future!”