Wolverine Spotlight: Nehemiah Castillo


Grace McIver

Nehemiah Castillo

Taytum Goodman

There are different qualities that make up a Wolverine. Those are shown with pride, determination, understanding, and honesty. Having those characteristics are something sophomore Nehemiah Castillo strives to have. To strive to be a Wolverine is a daily choice and he chooses to do just that.  

Nehemiah shows those traits in his extracurriculars which are debate, theater, and band. He also is a good leader and he has a strong work ethic.  

“He is driven to work for things when he puts his mind to it, and he has strong willpower,” junior Xavyer Mosqueda said.   

The most important qualities a Wolverine can have are putting in the hard work, striving to be the best, and working on himself.

“He is a very quiet person, if you don’t know him,” junior Grace Mciver said. “When you start to talk to him, you notice that he is very nice and respectful.”

Giving people respect is the best way to receive it.

“I think it’s important that people are kind to one another,” Nehemiah said. “Respect is something that I have learned goes a long way.” 

Learning to forgive is an important thing to do as a leader, as well as a Wolverine.  

“He is diligent with his studies, respectful to others, and participates on various teams to represent the school,” teacher Melissa Ramon said. “I believe that Nehemiah’s involvement in UIL, band, and theatre are proactive steps in preparation for being a success in college and even further on in life.” 

Being successful comes from several different places, one of those being self work.

“I like to work out and that is something I have worked hard for,” Nehemiah said. “It takes time but I put my all into being better in all possible ways.” 

Being a leader takes work by understanding and listerning to others.

“I think you can tell that Nehemiah is a leader by watching how he interacts with others,” Ramon said. “He is willing to help others in class and in extracurricular activities while also giving his best effort, but not demanding undue attention,” Mrs. Ramon said. 

Nehemiah exemplifies a wolverine in several important wasy. He does his all to set a good example and show those around him he cares.

“All he has been to me is kind and kindness is hard to come by. He is very trustworthy and you can tell when he really cares about something because he puts his whole heart into it,” McIver said. “He also helps when people need his help, he is always willing even if he is busy.”