Senior Spotlight: Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarezs for his senior picture

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Alex Alvarez’s for his senior picture

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

There are several personality types that seem to pop up everywhere. Anywhere a person goes they will encounter gossip, a partier, or a shut-in. However, roaming the halls of SEHS is one senior with an unreplicated personality no one will soon forget. A lot of times he seems quiet, but underneath he is a goofy and random individual who just loves to make people happy.

Alejandro Gabriel Alvarez is the 17-year-old son of Melissa and Carlos Alvarez. He has two older sisters, Marissa and Kamryn, a younger sister, Hannah, and a gigantic extended family in and around this area that has pushed him to be the best he could be. In high school, he has participated in band, athletics, the National Honor Society, and several other extracurriculars. He is also the current salutatorian of the senior class.

“Alex is one of those students who have it all,” Principal Cindy Furr said. “He has the personality, the athleticism, the drive, and whatever he does in the future, it is going to be very cool.” 

Everyone knows Alex, but few people realize what he is really about.  

“I’ve always said this: if you think you know me in real life, you don’t,” Alex said. “People think I’m a quiet person, but I’m not. I like to be loud, and I like to make people laugh.” 

Even his younger sister, freshman Hannah Alvarez, does not think the world sees Alex’s true personality. 

“I feel like no one knows Alex,” H. Alvarez said. “Alex used to be really quiet, but now he’s starting to be more outspoken.” 

One thing everyone should know about Alex is that he can be downright ridiculous at times. 

“He’s just so goofy,” H. Alvarez said. “If we’re all sitting there at the table, he’ll just say random stuff, and I’m like ‘what is going through your head right now?’” 

Alex strives to improve himself and the well-being of everyone around him. 

“My biggest thing is to be the best version of myself that I can be, whether that be helping people, leading, sacrificing my time, or making someone’s day,” Alex said.  

This attribute has made those around Alex glad to call him their own.

“I’m really proud of him, and I’m glad he steps up when he needs to,” mother Melissa Alvarez said. “If there’s something to be done and nobody wants to step up, he’ll do it.” 

Alex’s family is very important to him, and he draws inspiration from the loss of someone very important. 

“My Aunt Joanie, who passed away in 2020 due to Covid, was another big role model to me, and her passing alone taught me a huge lesson: not to take anything for granted,” Alex said. “That is why I try to treat every day as if it’s my last because I’m not promised tomorrow.” 

This hard lesson is something Alex has taken to heart and actively lives out day to day. 

“I try my best not to hold a grudge against anyone; there is no reason for that,” Alex said. “I just believe if you have good relationships with everyone, then you’re going to live a good life, and that’s what we’re all trying to do: live our good lives.”

Alex Alvarez with Xavyer Mosqueda (Melissa Alvarez)

Cousin and longtime friend, junior Xavyer Mosqueda, sees that easy-going spirit as a sign of good standing.  

“Alex has a companionship personality because he’s always around, and you always know that y’all are homies,” Mosqueda said.  

Xavyer and Alex are their family’s dynamic duo. 

“I think the way you can describe me and Alex is I’m doing something ridiculous, and Alex is just like—meh,” Mosqueda said. “He is the one that keeps me from going past the limit, and that’s been our whole life.” 

Attempting his best to do everything in good spirits is one of Alex’s most prominent characteristics, even when it surprises the people close to him.  

“You don’t think he’ll do something because he’s a boy, but then he shows up, and you’re like ‘Awe, Alex,’” H. Alvarez said.  

Everything Alex does is unexpected, which may be the reason why he’s on the path to success.  

“When I don’t think he knows what he’s doing, he surprises me,” M. Alvarez said. “He’s doing the academic and the athletic part which I thought was going to be hard for him to juggle, but he’s done an excellent job at that.” 

Taking on athletics is one of the many things that has set Alex on his path.  

“Growing up nobody did athletics,” Alex said. “It’s always pushed me, and I think it’s transformed me into the man I am. Athletics will teach you a lot of lessons you can carry on into your future, and I’m very glad I picked it up.” 

While athletics in general has been a big part of Alex’s high school career, one sport, in particular, has had an impact on his life.  

“Ever since I was young, I have loved basketball,” Alex said. “I’m thankful for all of the experience I’ve had through the years and that I get to be the leader this time and show the younger ones the beautiful game of basketball.” 

In addition to basketball, being in band has been a large part of Alex’s high school career. 

“Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have loved the band. As a matter of fact, that’s when I learned to play the fight song,” A. Alvarez said. “I think in seventh was when Mr. Rogers noticed my love for it, and he invited me to be a part of the high school band.  

Alex’s sister, Kamryn, who was head drum major Alex’s first two years in band, had a big impact on how involved he was later on.  

“When I was in 8th grade, she [Kamryn] was a senior,” Alex said. “Her way of leading and telling others what to do is something I admired and something I wanted to do getting into my junior and senior years. I knew immediately I wanted to be the head drum major, and I was. Being drum major taught me a lot of responsibilities.” 

Alex with his #1 fans (Melissa Alvarez)

Kamryn was also a major catalyst for the rest of Alex’s high school experience.  

“All I did my 8th grade year was look at Kamryn and what she did. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Kamryn is my role model,” Alex said. “I think there’s nothing more for her to do, but she just keeps going.” 

The level of excellence is something Alex has strived to live up to in all areas, including NHS. 

“I’ve always felt that I needed to be in NHS, and I felt like Davey did a lot of great things last year when he was president. I learned from him and wanted to do the same things, so that’s why I ran,” Alex said. “NHS has helped me again just be the leader I’m striving to be.” 

Striving to reach the example Alex’s other two sisters have set is something his mom has been very proud to watch her son achieve, and she hopes to see him continue that up to graduation.  

“If he can keep going, graduating Salutatorian in his class will be the biggest achievement for him,” M. Alvarez said. “I’ve been proud of everything he does, but to graduate second in his class is a big thing.” 

“I really am thankful that I have the family that I have,” Alex said. “I wouldn’t call myself successful yet, but I’m on the path. And I’m only on the path because of them.” 

However, the path beyond high school for Alex is a little hazy.  

“Alex doesn’t know what Alex wants to do,” Mosqueda said.  

He has several pathways in mind, including sports media, engineering, and photography, but he wants to keep his streak of leadership going.  

“Being in high school, I find myself in these situations where I’m leading,” A. Alvarez said. “I just feel that power, and I like it. So I’ve always felt like I could be the owner of something and direct people, but that is the dream world.” 

Alex catching some beauty sleep (Sebastian Sanchez)

Whatever Alex decides to do, Earth has served as a place for him to grow and flourish.  

“I do think that if I didn’t have the support that I have, everything would be different, and growing up in Earth has really shaped me,” Alex said.  

That support has made Alex into who he is, a well-rounded, good person who people can rely on. He has a bright path ahead of him, and no one can wait to see what he will do.  

“At the end of the day, I want everyone to be able to rely on me,” Alex said. “The biggest thing is just being the friendly, neighborhood Spiderman.”