Wolverine Spotlight: Braylee Herriage


Braylee dressed up.

Grace McIver, Writer

 There are different actions that make a Wolverine, many of those qualities are shown by Braylee Herriage. It takes work, honesty, kindness, and understanding. Braylee Herriage exhibits these characteristics in her day to day life, showing others what it takes to do the same.

Braylee is a person that is very dependable and shows what a Wolverine is. She participates in many different organizations such as, cheer, athletics, STUCO, NJHS, band, UIL, and also helps with the class officers.  

“I try my best at everything that I do. I work hard to get what I want. I make an effort to not complain about school work. In class I step up to be a good leader and a good role model,” Braylee Harriage said.  

Setting a good example shows that others can do great things. Being a good role model is something that is hard to do when others are not also trying. That does not stop Braylee from doing her best.  

“She is a great example to others because she shows up on time, she doesn’t complain about school, she is very respectful, and does what is expected of her,” Tori Trevizo said. “When she is in class, she helps others that might not understand.”  

Having a good attitude can help others have the same outlook on school or life. Building those qualities when young can help build better adults  

“I have all the characteristic of PRIDE [Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Empathy]. I try to put my best foot forward by not giving up on things that seem hard,” Herriage said.   

Not giving up is something that is very hard when starting high school, it can seem overwhelming, but trying to do the best is important. 

“She is very full of questions. If she has a question, she is not afraid to ask. Even if it is on a test she will always come up and ask things,” Brinn Ball said.  

Having questions is important to build character. Knowing when to ask the question is a quality that is difficult to learn. 

“She is a good person because she is there when you need her, always there to pick you back up, and she is the voice of reason. She always aims to do the right thing even if others don’t. She tries to set a good example for younger kids around her,” Trevizo said.  

Being a person of reason can help others become better people. Looking at the bigger picture is important for younger kids trying to figure out who they are.  

“She is willing to help others. She understands what is right or wrong. She stands up for what is right,” Brinn Ball said.