Showcasing Service: Riley Ball


Brinn Ball

Helping Out at the animal shelter.

Taytum Goodman, Writer

“Riley Ball never complains, never gives attitude, and just does it with a smile,” teacher and mom Brin Ball said. 

8th grader Riley Ball received the service category award of LEAPS for the second six weeks. There were many reasons he was voted for service, but helping with breakfast, being a good person, doing more than what is asked of him, being helpful, and willing to always help someone out are some of the reasons as to why his peers selected him to receive the service award. 

“At home, he has a grandmother that lives with us right know, and he does anything that is asked of him for her immediately,” B. Ball said. 

Riley is currently an eighth grader, so he is not in varsity sports yet. However, he is the manager for the varsity boys’ football team. 

“I am so proud that he is helping his dad out with football,” B. Ball said. “It is so cool that they are doing that together, and it is a really cool bond they share.” 

Besides participating in sports, Riley is involved in other school activities. 

“He is in GT, Junior National Honor Society, theatre, UIL, and he wants to do band next year I think,” B. Ball said. 

Riley moved here this year and greatly appreciates receiving the service reward. 

“I am glad to have all these friends, and I am glad I can help,” Riley said. 

Riley’s friends also appreciate his service and his friendship. 

“Riley’s really cool, and I am glad he moved here,” eighth grader Moses McIver said. 

His mom cannot say enough in regards to how proud she is of Riley for all the things he does. 

“I am really proud because I think that helps him become a real rounded kid, grow up to have lots of interests as an adult, and have lots of experiences,” B. Ball said.  “I love him; he is awesome, and I am glad he is mine.”