Wolverine Spotlight: Mareli Hidalgo


Mareli Hidalgo

Mareli living her life.

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

Kindness + Dedication + Work Ethic. This is a formula for success in anything. These are words that describe this week’s Wolverine Spotlight, freshman Mareli Hidalgo.

Mareli Hidalgo is the perfect example of someone destined for great things. Mareli is currently involved in Band, Theatre, StuCo, and various UIL events, and has been involved in numerous other events and classes, such as sports. Mareli’s main focus might not be on being “the best”, but she is truly inspirational.

“ [Mareli] has a very good attitude, and she is always positive and always stays on top of things. She sets a good example for others, and she is always trying to make others feel welcome,” freshman Khloe Marez said. “She is always prepared and happy, so the people around her are happy. She has pride, makes you want to dress up for things, and we need more [people like her] in school.”

Mareli has certain empathetic characteristics that make her a pleasant person to be around. She has a mentality and willingness to learn, and to help others learn. She has a kind and careless nature that makes her an enjoyable and fun person to be around.

“Mareli works hard for herself and to help others with work they don’t understand.  She shows how to be kind and helpful but also shows that you can keep your work up even when helping,” freshman Lizzy Garcia said. “Her kindness and helpfulness are one of her greatest qualities. It shows that she has a kind heart and cares for other. Without Mareli the school really wouldn’t be the same.”

Mareli has shown to be a good leader throughout the school, especially with the younger classmen.  She always seems to strive to be the best version of herself, and motivate others to do the same.

“Mareli is a great example for all of LEAPS. She often helps others especially with Spanish/English. She takes her schoolwork to heart,” teacher Marlana Tanaro said. “She takes pride in dressing up for spirit week.  She has a great attitude and is always pleasant to be around.”

Mareli is a demonstration of what it means to be a Wolverine; she has great values and limitless drive and purpose. She represents Springlake-Earth with respect and honor, and she is a mascot alike the wolverine.

“These I always try to be helpful and supportive to the younger grades to show them that there’s ways you can change the world by spreading kindness. I think it’s important in a way to show how I feel about the things I do at school, whether it’s from helping classmates or showing up to a game and supporting,” freshman Mareli Hidalgo said. “Age is just a number; Maturity is a choice,” and “We spend too much time bullying ourselves into trying to be other things,”  are quotes that stick by me. Be who you are. Own it.”

To Mareli, the importance of being a wolverine is you showing your support, respect, and courage during school, at competitions or games, or even when no one’s watching. Mareli’s personality, and her way that is completely her own, make her an extraordinary Wolverine, and person.

“She makes all her friends laugh, and even people that are not really her friends. It is important that she has this spotlight because she is a great person and friend,” Aubrey Reece said. “She deserves to be known for who she is, and what she does for others.”