Showcasing Pride: Kysen Hall


Grace McIver

Kysen in a cheer uniform.

Grace McIver, Writer

Springlake-Earth has developed over the years enveloped within school spirit and pride for being a Wolverine. Pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. This is the true definition of pride, but it could mean different things to different people.  

This six-weeks, the students in high school took a vote on LEAPS which is Leadership, Education, Attitude, Pride, and Service. Those are all aspects that the high school is trying to promote. The person voted for pride was junior Kysen Hall. He was voted because he has the most pride and goes all out for pep rallies.  

“Pride is showing respect and honor towards your school, family, and self,” teacher Sarah Weldon said. “People can show pride by always doing their best. By taking ownership in what they do, how they act, how they dress, how they talk.” 

How students act affects if they get nominated LEAPS or not. Students voted for Kysen because of his willingness to cheer at the football pep rallies. Last Friday, Kysen and freshman Bruce Holloway helped senior Halee Toscano cheer at the pep rally because she was the only cheerleader available.

Kysen and Bruce at the last pep rally. (Angelina Tovar )

  “I respect him for cheering and wearing a cheer uniform,” junior Matthew Garza said. “Not many people would show that much school spirit.” 

Kysen always demonstrates school spirit to help the football players relax and has a good laugh before the game.  

“The football boys laugh, and it helps them to be involved in the pep rally when they see another guy who’s actively trying to pump them up,” Weldon said.  

Before a game, people have a lot of stress which causes some mess-ups. The point of pep rallies is to hype the players up.  

“At the last pep rally, the whole football team was yelling,” Hall said. “I think that I help the team get in a good laugh before a serious game.”  

The football players always love seeing Kysen put on a show that helps the morale.  

“I enjoy having Kysen cheer at the pep rallies because he can hype us up before a game,” junior Slade Beerwinkle said. “He also is very carefree when cheering because he wants to show the school spirt.” 

The outrageous amount of spirit Kysen displays at pep rallies and games can be very loud and entertaining. His loudness and school pride are known throughout the town.  

“He goes crazy at pep rallies and games even though sometimes it is over the top. Having pride in our school makes us look good with other schools and communities,” junior Taytum Goodman said. “When the community comes and watches the pep rallies, they see kids get into spirt like Kysen, and it makes people feel good about our school.”