Showcasing Leadership: Hannah Alvarez


Melissa Alvarez

Freshman Hannah Alvarez before Homecoming pep rally.

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

“Leadership is a simple concept,” teacher Scott Royal said. “It is: don’t do what I say but as I do.” 

The recipient of this six weeks’ leadership award, freshman Hannah Alvarez, is a true exhibitor of Royal’s concept. Hannah received this award because of the influence she carries on those around her.  

“Hannah has always been the leader of the group. She puts herself as the boss,” Hannah’s brother and senior Alex Alvarez said. “Other people, once they see her succeed, want to do the same thing and be like Hannah. Hannah doing what she’s doing impacts their decisions.” 

Hannah makes a good leader because of her unwavering dedication to her own standards.  

“The way she’s stubborn about stuff makes her a good leader,” A. Alvarez said. “She’s not going to take anything from anyone, but she’s going to demand what she wants.” 

Hannah’s stubborn uniqueness is her way of life.  

“I just walk on my own tight rope,” Hannah said.  

Being round in a square shaped world, and adamantly staying that way makes Hannah’s good qualities stand out as well as the good qualities in those around her. 

“Hannah is a little weirdo,” A. Alvarez said. “She’s always been the type of: I don’t care what anyone else is doing. I’m going to do my own thing and do it the way I like it.” 

She shows this uniqueness in the wide spectrum of how she conducts herself to how she spends her time. Hannah is one of the only ones in her family to participate in FFA.  

“No one does Ag, so for Hannah to do it is not very surprising,” A. Alvarez said. “Of course, Hannah would do Ag. Because she’s different. It’s a Hannah thing.” 

Hannah, a true small-town resident, also participates in several other organizations, including theatre.  

“She’s a good leader,” freshman Mareli Hidalgo said. “During theatre, Mrs. Furr has made her like the boss in a way, and she’s taken everything in control.” 

Hidalgo has also witnessed Hannah serving as a leader in other places. 

“Every time a teacher is not here or needs help, Hannah’s always the person that’s going to be asked because she’s the most responsible one, and you know you can trust her with everything,” Hidalgo said. 

Despite being a freshman, Hannah is not afraid to step up and instruct where she sees fit. 

“I see her instructing the older classmen in band which is pretty cool but surprising at the same time because you would not expect that from a freshman,” A. Alvarez said.   

However, as the baby of high school, Hannah never expected to be recognized for her leadership.  

“To me, I’m just Hannah. I’m just a freshman, and my influence is very little on people,” Hannah said. “To me, I’m a little fishy just swimming.” 

Whie she has humble opinions of herself, Hannah’s diligence in school makes her recognizable to others. 

“Hannah Alvarez is a hard worker, and she’s a good leader for the rest of the kids by explaining how to do the work,” Royal said.  

This award recognized Hannah’s dedicated effort and was presented to her on her birthday with her brother winning this prize the term before, which was special. 

“The first thing that popped in my mind was how cool it was because I got the leadership award,” A. Alvarez said. “Then my mom looked at us both, because we were there at the time, and just said ‘I’m proud of y’all. I’m so proud.’”

Little Hannah Alvarez climbing a tree (Melissa Alvarez)

Leadership is a high standard set by her siblings, and Hannah takes upholding that standard seriously.

“It feels good that I received that award, but it’s definitely something that I kind of strive for because of my sisters and Alex,” Hannah said. “What’s really crazy about leadership is you have people looking at you all the time. You have to watch what you say when you say it, and who’s around you when you’re talking.” 

Her determination to set a good example has been witnessed and honored by several people, destining her to greatness.  

“I’ve been with her since pre-k, so when she grows up, I know she’ll be doing something good,” Hidalgo said. 

Leadership is a simple concept, and from her actions to her words, just the way Hannah is, that concept shines through. 

“It’s the way she conducts herself in class so others follow her lead,” Royal said. “I think she’s a good representative for Springlake-Earth, and that’s what we want people to see.”