Showcasing Service: Khloe Marez

Taytum Goodman, Writer

One aspect that many often forget about when considering role models and what they portray is service. Service is actions taken by an individual that are beneficial and represent Springlake-Earth in the best possible manner. One individual came to the mind of many at SEHS due to her eagerness to always be helpful when it comes to school events.

To be included with the other L.E.A.P.S. (Leadership, Education, Attitude, Pride, and Service) nominees, freshman Khloe Mariz was chosen to represent the Service category this six weeks.

“It was weird because it was the end of the first six weeks, and I thought someone else would get it,” Mariz said. 

One action of service that she does is support the Wolverines every Friday night. 

“Khloe was really shy, but this year she has really came out of her shell,” Melissa Alvarez said. “She is the mascot, and every game, she goes out there in front of everyone and does a great job.” 

Receiving the service title was special to Mariz. 

“Its important to me because I do a lot of things for the school,” Mariz said. “I help out with PTO, concession stand, and more. Doing service is also something I do when I am bored or have free time.” 

To encourage others to also demonstrate service, she shared some advice.

“Be more involved in things. Just try it one time, and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again,” Mariz said. 

Mariz applies this same advice once given to her by her mom to incorporate into her daily life, something other students have witnessed. 

“Khloe is always decorating the gym on Thursday for the Friday pep rally and helping out at the games,” Jenna Bridges said.  

Klhoe received service the first six weeks of school and still is in disbelieve. Even though she was not expecting to be recognized for her demonstration of service, she is very grateful to have been considered and chosen for this six weeks.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m very grateful,” Mariz said. “What you do and the actions you take are what make you who you are and what your known as. Just do what you have to do to be the best version of yourself.”