Wolverine Spotlight: Jerry Gallegos


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Senior Jerry Gallegos (#4)

Lexi Anchondo, Writer

Some would say he’s a casual leader. Others may mention his inspiration and ability to be a role model. What all can fixate on, however, is his true nature of demonstrating how to be a Wolverine through his actions and attitude.

Senior Jerry Gallegos was nominated for the Wolverine Spotlight by a teacher who recognized these very qualities. Gallegos is currently in football and STUCO, making a positive impact on the students and teachers at SE.

“A lot of the kids look up to him because he is a good person, and he interacts with them. He is respectful, and when he is here, he gives it his all,” teacher and Student Council sponsor Elizabeth Roman said.

While it may be unbeknownst to him, Gallegos is an inspiration for the younger students at this school. Many students have said that they admire his determination or the kind of person he is.

“Jerry is always trying during his school work and striving to become better,” senior Rosie Hernandez said. “One thing that I am proud of is that even though he has had a hard day or is struggling, you will never see him give up.”

Even after the hard days, Gallegos strives to be the best version of himself and hopes he can motivate others to do the same, on or off the field.

Seniors Jerry Gallegos and Micah Sanchez. (Micah Sanchez)

“He shows that he likes to motivate players and represent the school,” junior Kani Holmes said.

Teachers have also noticed ways that Gallegos is a leader in the school.

“If he sees something that needs to be cleaned, he’ll do it without having to be asked,” Roman said. “If he sees someone that needs help, he will jump right in and help.”

A good outlook on life can determine one’s future. Gallegos has such mentality, which he knows impacts his success.

“I have a positive attitude all day usually. Without a positive attitude, the days are just going to drag, and it won’t get you nowhere,” Gallegos said.

With a great school mentality, he knows his values and what is most important to him at Springlake-Earth.

“What’s important to me is my family, my brother, and making and continuing Wolverine traditions,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos represents the school well and has achieved respect and support from the students and staff.

“I am proud of Jerry because he is a senior and because he’s matured a lot since he was in 8th grade. He is focusing a lot more, and he takes things more serious more,” Roman said. “Jerry is a good kid and a nice person, and I hope he does well.”