Showcasing Education: Annabelle Anchondo


Annabelle Anchondo

Senior Annabelle Anchondo

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

This year, Springlake-Earth ISD is incorporating L.E.A.P. S., which stands for Leadership, Education, Attitude, Pride and Service. Senior Annabelle Anchondo is a great role model at Springlake-Earth and has been chosen by her peers to represent the Education portion of that for the first six weeks.  She is always ahead in her work and puts hard work in everything that she does. Annabelle is in many extracurricular activities which include cross country, track, debate, theatre, NHS, STUCO, and currently serves as the editor of the school newspaper. 

“I admire her time management skills and her perseverance. She can have a 50 million things on her plate and perfectly sort them out to get everything done with plenty of time. The same stands for her perseverance,” junior Lynnsey Mahler said. “She is the kind of person you look at and just know she will be successful.”

Her hard work is only one of the many comments people have to say in regards to Annabelle. She is always willing to help people when needed, even when she has many activities going on. Many people may see her as a serious person, but when one gets to know her, she is the kindest and funniest person to be around.  

“Annabelle is someone who can always make you laugh, smile, and look back at every life decision. She is always there for you, ready to hear every problem and give her output,” Mahler said. “She is an amazing friend and a wonderful student. “

Her selection for education has set a great example for many lower classmates when seeing what it takes to get recognized. It’s not just about getting work turned in, but being able to know what one wants themselves to be proud of when looking back on their accomplishments. Annabelle wakes up every morning and sometimes stays after school for cross country, but it does not stop her from doing what she wants herself to be proud of: her academics.

Senior Annabelle Anchondo and junior Emma Stevenson at a pep rally. (Cassi Furr)

“I think in order to try and be like her, it’s important to not only get your work done, but also to always strive to better yourself, have good study habits, push yourself to be the best person you possibly can be, and do better than you ever have before,” senior Gabi Garica said. 

Being a part of L.E.A.P.S., one is setting an example for many to follow. Anyone from the school can be voted as long as people recognize them for what they have seen them do around the school, which can be from leadership to service. Many have seen Annabelle exhibit education in particular.

“Annabelle works hard in everything she does and does very well in education,” junior Emma Samaron said. “I admire that she has so much determination and self-discipline to get school done when it needs to be done.”

In order to succeed, one must want to strive to be the best in everything they do. For others to notice that and look up to someone, they must feel inspired, a feeling some perceive towards Annabelle.

“She is a very hard worker and refuses to give up until she knows she has the subject down,” senior Melany Vidales said. “She doesn’t really struggle much with her classes as she actually pays attention and asks questions.” 

Every six weeks, students and teachers get to vote for students that they think represent L.E.A.P.S. the best. As they get chosen, their picture is taken and put into the hall for all students to see. At the bottom of the picture is a summary of why they were picked. 

Senior Annabelle Anchondo wearing her UIL academic awards and holding her state CX Debate certificate. (Alexis Anchondo)

“I thought it was really special to hear that the whole student body chose me to represent education for this six weeks and why they chose me. I’ve worked hard my high school career to further myself academically and to help others in anyway that I possibly can,” Anchondo said. “To be recognized for that brought me a sense of gratefulness to be a part of SEHS, and I was highly honored.”

For many students who have not met or know Annabelle should know that when it comes to school, she will always give it her 100%  all of the time.

“Annabelle is a natural leader. Always the first to help others and encourage others to volunteer  and to join organizations,” high school counselor Derinda Carter said.

Annabelle makes everyone feel welcome. She is always helping in STUCO and NHS. Overall, she is a great person to represent Springlake-Earth ISD.

“Sometimes putting all of your focus and dedication into something can be draining, and it can feel like it’s all for nothing. What I want others to know is no hard work goes unnoticed,” Anchondo said. “There are people watching and waiting to recognize you for that. Sometimes that recognition comes earlier than other times, but be patient and believe in yourself.”

Annabelle does everything with passion, knowing that all the hard work will pay off. She is someone that will succeed in everything she does and knows what to go after.

“At the end of the day, your persistence and your faith in who you are as an individual is all you need to be successful,” Anchondo said. “School can be tough, but the people here that make up this community and who help you achieve your goals are the ones that make every moment worth it.”