To New Beginnings!


Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

With the toss of each senior’s cap, it became clear to all students, teachers, staff members, parents, and the entire Wolverine Nation that another wonderful era filled with laughter, joy, and happiness had ended. However, as the saying goes, “Every story has an end, but in life, every end is a new beginning.” 

These very words are true, especially for the 2022 graduating class of SEHS. Over the past four years, everyone has watched as this year’s senior class blossomed into the hard-working, kind, funny, and determined individuals that they all are. Even in times of hardship, this class always found a way to laugh, smile, and joke while also getting others to do the same. Even with all the laughter, they were the most hard-working individuals and put the time and dedication into making their dreams, aspirations, and desires become a reality. As each senior walked across the stage this year, the SEHS community was saddened to see such amazing individuals leave, but everyone is excited to see the future that awaits each and every one of them as they venture beyond the doors of Springlake-Earth. 

Making up the graduating class of 2022 is Sam Alderson, Sayler Beerwinkle, Timber Burleson, Kaden Castillo, Davey Crandall, Kimberly Cruz, Aubrey DeLeon, Evan DeLeon, Mahalia Delgado, Jacksiry Figueroa, Micaela Fuentes, Jose Galvan, Paige Garner, Jesse Gill, Trace Goodman, Keshan Holmes, Simon Ibarra, Katy Jones, Mimi Medina, Josh Samaron, Dorri Samarron, Clayton Stevenson, and Timothy Tanaro. Even though their story at SEHS has come to an end, new beginnings await them as they parade into the world and embark on their own journeys.  

“I know this class has been a great example of determination, setting goals, and doing the work to achieve those goals,” parent MaryAnn Castillo said. “They have truly left a mark in the community and such inspiration to those students. They will be remembered.” 

Over the years, the class of 2022 has had many accomplishments in all aspects, including FFA, athletics, NHS, STUCO/TAFE, and UIL. Not only have they made their own mark in extracurricular activities, but they each set a higher academic bar for upcoming students. Being able to have that impact at Springlake-Earth and in the community has been an opportunity that they are all very grateful for. 

“We all made a big impact on this school in our own ways,” senior Kaden Castillo said. “I’ll never forget the impact we made on this school.” 

As they take the next step in their lives, they will not only have those class accomplishments to take with them, but the lifelong memories they made together. 

The laughter, the jokes and being around people that make you laugh or at least make it a better day made school so much better,” senior Timothy Tanaro said. “I’ll miss the memories and the people here that helped me make them.” 

Even though the time can be bittersweet, everyone is excited to celebrate the class of 2022 as all of their hard work and dedication to their academics and this community has finally been rewarded with each diploma and turning of a tassel. 

 “This is such a proud moment as a parent,” MaryAnn Castillo said. “I’m excited to see all God has planned for all these great young men and women.”