Crossing the Finish Line Into the Realm of College Sports


Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

After making SE history and qualifying for state cross country all four years of high school, senior Josh Samaron will take his skill set to a whole new height as he begins his journey on a collegiate level. Last Monday, all of Wolverine nation watched as Josh committed himself to Clarendon college to run cross country beginning in the fall.  

For Josh, getting to see himself beyond high school was the greatest opportunity he had ever been presented. 

“I was very thankful that I was able to get another opportunity to run a higher level,” Josh Samaron said.

To have the opportunity to continue doing what he loves is a blessing and a chance Josh and his family are eternally grateful for. 

“Joshua has a God-given talent in running,” mother Jennifer Samaron said. “I think it was a blessing to hear that he will get to continue using this talent to also help him get an education at a college close to home.” 

Watching Josh sign with a college in front of his peers, teachers, coaches, friends, and family was a bittersweet moment for those closest to Josh, especially his mom. 

Josh being a Senior hadn’t quite hit me yet. When I saw all his rewards on the table and hearing all his accomplishments and realizing his running career with S-E was over, and then he signed, that’s when it hit me,” Jennifer Samaron said. “My boy is about to go out into the world and do great things.  I was one proud mom.” 

Running cross country himself, Josh’s dad, Mark Samaron, knows how hard it is to run one last race. When learning that Josh had many more races ahead of him, he was extremely overwhelmed with excitement. 

“I’m so happy to know that I haven’t seen him run his last race,” Mark Samaron said.

Coming upon the decision to sign with Clarendon was a choice that made difficult for Josh, however. Several colleges showed great interest, making Clarendon seem to be less of an option. 

“I wasn’t sure about Clarendon.  He had other offers at bigger schools so I really was neutral on Clarendon.  I think it came down to which school was more cost effective,” Mark Samaron said. “A coach from Arlington had got in contact with Josh recently and it made his decision a little tougher.” 

Despite the many great offers, Josh decided that Clarendon was right for him, especially after learning that Clarendon recently established their cross-country program. His family, friends, and peers are excited to see him flourish and extend himself beyond high school competition. 

“I was excited for Josh. I believe he will be a huge asset to their fairly new Cross Country program.  Joshua is a dedicated person,” Jennifer Samaron said. “He puts in 100% into everything he does, so I know he will do great!” 

His sister, Emma, is especially proud of Josh and will miss the early morning practice that she got to share with her brother over the last couple of years. 

“I am very proud of my brother for putting in effort and hard work into cross country, I am also very sad my favorite sibling is going to leave me though,” Emma Samaron said. “I plan on going to watch him run and compete along with my parents who are also very supportive of him.” 

Josh is excited to meet the new people that he will share a starting line with and get to do what he loves most: running. 

“Its going to be crazy to know that there are people that are just as good or better than me that are going to want to just go run a mile every day for fun,” Josh Samaron said. “I’m going to love that.” 

Even though he knows that college level cross country is going to present as a challenge, he is ready to take it head on and have fun while doing it. 

“Its going to be a rough workout,” Josh Samaron said. “It’s not going to be an easy road ahead of me, but I’m going to do my best to push myself and make my parents proud in hopes of one day getting the opportunity to run at an even higher level.”