Teacher Spotlight: Israel Deleon

Spanish Teacher and Coach Israel Deleon


Spanish Teacher and Coach Israel Deleon

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

“Coaching is not a job, it’s a calling,” spanish teacher and athletic director Israel Deleon said. 

Israel Deleon is married to Sonia Deleon and together they have five children; Cassie, Michael, Jaden, Evan and Sofia. Coach was born in Littlefield but grew up in Earth and graduated from S-E, in 1995. He then went to college at Texas Tech and graduated as a Red Raider in 2001. Deleon came back to his home town in 2014. He has been a coach for 21 years and has coached at Plainview, O’Donnell and McCamey. 

“I am the youngest of 11 children,” Deleon said. “My parents migrated from Charlotte, Texas to Earth in 1950. My dad worked as a farm hand for many years.” 

When he was in junior high, he knew he wanted to be a coach. 

“My heroes were my coaches and I wanted to be like them,” Deleon said. “I fell in love with football and knew I couldn’t live happy without the game.” 

Deleon was apart of the team that started the winning football tradition at S-E and he wanted to be carry that on, but as a coach. 

“My lifelong dream of coaching the Wolverines came true in 2014 when I became the athletic director,” Deleon said. “Seeing my kids in green and gold is a dream come true. I am truly blessed.” 

His hobbies include reading books, watching movies, raising chickens, and watching sports. 

“I love to read books on leadership and how to become a better leader,” Deleon said. “I always have had chickens, it’s a stress reliever. Sports are what I do for a living.” 

The Deleon family has a few pets at their place, as well. 

“We have five dogs, four protect our chickens, and one at home, Kryo,” Deleon said.  “Sofia has a snake.” 

Senior Evan Deleon has been coached by his dad, Coach Deleon, since he was younger.

“I couldn’t do anything without him. He provides everything I need and more,” Evan said. “Best human I know and always willing to give more than to receive.” 

Coach Deleon does not imagine doing anything else. 

“I feel I was called to do this job,” Deleon said. “Therefore, there are no other options.”