Senior Spotlight: Sayler Beerwinkle


Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Over the years, SE has been blessed to introduce the senior classes as they walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. The graduating class of 2022 is unlike any other year, however. Twenty-three hard-working, caring, and humble students who have dedicated their high school careers to becoming such amazing individuals will share the stage as they say their last goodbye to SEHS. One senior who stands out among them all is Sayler Beerwinkle.

“She is someone who is very humble and unapologetically herself. Sayler herself cannot change the world, but she can definitely be the person to show others how to,” junior Jenna Bridges said. “Seeing myself next year as a senior, I want to be as put-together and as ready as Sayler. She’s kind, sweet, and everything I would like myself and others to be.”

Throughout high school, she has used her unique, kind, and thoughtful personality to not only guide her towards a successful future, but also be a model and inspiration for others.  

Sayler Beerwinkle, the oldest daughter of Si and Ali Beerwinkle and Sarah and Trey Weldon, plans to attend Hardin-Simmons University in the fall to play basketball for the Cowgirls and earn her degree in Strategic Communications where she can work in the sports or agriculture industry. Throughout high school, she has been involved in several extracurricular and academic events including FFA, basketball, cross-country, track, National Honor Society, UIL, and served as the Editor of SEHS’s newspaper.  

Pursuing a career in communications was not always the idea Sayler had in mind but one that came to her later on in high school. 

“I did not originally want to go into communications. Maybe in 5th grade, I said I wanted to be an embryologist. Then, in Mrs. Mendoza’s career class, Karson Jones and I were going to own a ranch together,” Beerwinkle said. “I then thought I wanted to be a teacher and coach, but somehow over the last couple of years I have fallen into the communication route.” 

Not only this, but Sayler also recently received the opportunity to play basketball in college. After several collegial interests, she finally signed with HSU to become a part of the Cowgirls, a decision in which she is excited for. 

“College basketball is going to be tough. I’m excited, though. I know I am going to have to work hard, and I know that everything will be earned,” Beerwinkle said. “It is definitely going to be different, but I am ready to grow as a person, a player, and to grow my relationship with God.” 

Besides basketball, Sayler enjoys showing cows, writing, doodling, coloring, taking pictures, shopping for jewelry, clothes, and shoes, and going to Mexican restaurants, especially Rosa’s. Her favorite hobby, though, is showing. 

“I loved showing. I still love all that, but my chapter has come to an end, and it’s a good feeling. I have been so successful, and it’s almost like a happy ending,” Beerwinkle said. “I am incredibly thankful for my parents who allowed me to participate in what I love.” 

Just as appreciative is Sayler’s mom, Sarah, who is excited to see the life that God has in store for her. 

“Sayler has been super successful and has accomplished a lot over the years but the most important of all is her decision to follow God. That has been her saving grace throughout her childhood and it will continue to serve her in great ways for the rest of her life,” Weldon said. “I love her so much and will miss seeing her everyday when she moves to Abilene!” 

Despite the distance between them, Sayler is excited to see her family on visits and at her future basketball games, particularly her siblings: Slade, Sloane, and Saige. 

“With my siblings, we have our own little friendships. The twins are basically my best friends, and I love hanging out with them,” Beerwinkle said. “Slade acts like he doesn’t like me, but he comes to my room almost every night and tells me he’s going to miss me and some of my classmates when we start our next adventures.” 

Even though Sayler is excited to see life beyond Earth, Sayler is going to miss the little things that made her upbringing so special. 

“I will miss the high school activities and the tradition that SE holds. I always looked forward to Meet the Wolverines, football games, homecoming, and other get-togethers,” Beerwinkle said. “Another thing I will miss is the teachers. I was blessed to be taught by such great teachers and even better people.” 

She is extremely grateful for the supportive community and to have grown up at a small school. Everyone is eager to see her grow and meet the plan God has for her, especially her best friend senior Katy Jones. 

“I’ve known Sayler my whole life basically, and I’m glad I get to call her my best friend. She is the definition of  what a true best friend is supposed to be. I’ve had many different friends over the course of my life, and Sayler is the only one that stayed,” Jones said. “I’m so glad that we got to grow up together and watch each other achieve many accomplishments. Words cannot describe how proud I am of Sayler.” 

Sayler is hopeful to have portrayed to others that it is okay to do your own thing, even if no one agrees; as long as you’re happy, that is all that matters. This very message is one she will carry with her as she prepares for graduation and college. 

“I am excited to graduate. I am also anxious and nervous for college, but I am ready to take this step and to see what my future holds,” Beerwinkle said.