Teacher Spotlight Brianna Ethridge

Elementary Teacher Brianna Ethridge


Elementary Teacher Brianna Ethridge

Taytum Goodman, Writer

Last year, Springlake-Earth ISD gained another member of the Wolverine family, and one who has made a positive and lasting impact on each and every one of her students.

Brianna Ethridge is a mother and a teacher that worked all the way through college until she received her doctorate.  She began college at Western Texas in Synder where she got her bachelors.  She then went to Howard Pain and majored in science and a minor in chemistry.  Afterwards, she attended West Texas A&M and got her masters and from there she got her superintendents while working for her doctorate at the University of Taylor. 

“After I received my doctorate I went straight into teaching at Richlen Springs,” Ethridge said. 

Mrs. Ethridge not only loves her kids at school, but she comes home to the kids she loves the most, her own. 

“I have four children of my own: Braxton, Jalen, Reagan, Cohen and four step children Tiffiany, Taylor, Courtney, and Sally,” Ethridge said. 

Mrs. Ethridge is not a Superintendent here at Springlake, but she is a teacher that is lucky enough to teach her favorite subject. 

“I teach fourth grade science, fifth grade social studies, and a couple of Edgenuity classes,” Ethridge said.  “My favorite thing to teach is elementary science.” 

Mrs. Ethridge enjoys her students, but her students love having her as a teacher. 

“She makes learning fun, and I really like her,” fourth grade student Sloane Beerwinkle said. 

Other than school, Mrs. Ethridge enjoys many other activities. 

“I like to read, draw, paint, arts and crafts, fish, but there is no water up here, sleep and watch Netflix,” Ethridge said.