Senior Spotlight: Davey Crandall


Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

In the graduating class of 2022, there are several students who have worked hard at ensuring that exceptional foundational work has been laid for the futures that lie ahead of them. In fact, some have strived to surpass academic expectations and achieve success beyond the walls of SEHS. One senior that has demonstrated these very ideals and one who has served as a model for others is Davey Crandall. Through much patience and persistence, he has demonstrated what true success can be gained by those who decide to put their heads down and go to work.  

Davey Crandall is the son of Gary and Jamie Crandall and younger brother to previous SEHS graduate Hannah Crandall.  Growing up in this area and being surrounded by agriculture his entire life, Davey has chosen to attend Texas A&M University at College Station in the fall to major in agribusiness. 

Even though he is still undecided on what exact career pathway he is wanting to take, Davey is excited to see what life has in store for him beyond Springlake-Earth. 

“It’s something new to graduate, and it’s exciting,” Davey said. “I’m excited to leave little ole’ Earth, Texas, and go to College Station. It will be fun.” 

Davey is extremely proud of himself for taking the measures to get him towards this next stage in life. 

“High school is a very long chapter, and you can either decide to put your head down and work or drop out and work. I chose to put my head down and work, not get consumed by distractions, and get where I need to be,” Davey said. “Graduating is probably my greatest accomplishment and the one I’m most proud of.” 

Throughout high school, Davey has been involved in several extracurricular activities including football, baseball, track, golf, FFA, STUCO, and NHS. Rodeo also plays a huge role in his life and something he enjoys the most outside of school. Davey ropes and likes traveling to jackpots in the area and across the state of Texas. The memories made in baseball and FFA are ones that he will miss the most and ones he has always favored. 

“Going around at FFA state convention and meeting new people, making new friends across the state has always been fun to do,” Davey said, “and hanging out in the locker room, cracking jokes, and jacking around have been some of the best times.” 

With the good times came tougher times, but Davey wouldn’t trade even the toughest times for the world.  

“There have been times in FFA where I’ve been like I’m tired of this or sports where I’ve been tired of it, but I definitely wouldn’t go back and change any of it. It’s been good.” Davey said. 

Not only will he miss the times spent with friends, but Davey will miss the parts of life that made this place his home such as getting up in the morning to feed animals and share a hot meal at the end of the day with his family. 

“Home is what I’m going to miss the most. This is where I grew up,” Davey said. “I mean I’ll have my group of people, but it won’t be the same.” 

Despite the great memories that have been made and shared, he knows that there are many more memories and friends to be made. 

“I’ll miss the memories I’ve made with them, but that’s why they are called memories,” Davey said. “You can always meet new people and make new friends. You make memories, you move on, and make new ones.” 

Mrs. Parish knows that Davey has a bright future ahead of him, and he will accomplish great things no matter what life throws his way. 

I always love having Davey in class because he wants to know the process instead of just the answer and asks thoughtful questions that make me think deeply about how all the content works together,” Parish said. “He has great potential; I hope his college and work experiences challenge him to fulfill that potential and equip him to exceed his wildest expectations for his future.” 

For other seniors and underclassmen, Davey has one piece of advice. 

“Put your head down and go to work,” Davey said. “Do what you need to do to get to where you want to be.” 

Davey has loved being a part of SE and can’t wait to see his other classmates as well as himself blossom in life after high school, and he is ready to experience life past the Earth city limit sign. 

“It’s been a good place to grow up and good people to be around,” Davey said. “Earth is a great place, but I’m ready to get out and blow this popsicle stand. I’m ready to walk the path that falls in front of me.”