Senior Spotlight: Simon Ibarra


Senior Simon Ibarra

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

I love school and playing basketball,” senior Simon Ibarra said. 

Simon III is the son of Simon II and Isabel Ibarra. He also has one younger sister, Aryca Ibarra. He has been involved in football, basketball, baseball and track throughout his high school career. Simon loves working with his dad and coming to school to hang out with his best buddies.  

His favorite teachers are Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Been. 

“They are nice to me,” Ibarra said. “They always help me do my work.” 

Counselor Derinda Carter has the privilege of having Simon in her tutorial class.

“Simon is a cool kid, I like him,” Carter stated. “He always has a smile and he always is upbeat.”

She doesn’t teach him, but having him for 45 a minute tutorial class allows his personality to really show.

“I don’t really teach him,” Carter proclaimed. “But I love having him in my classroom.”

Math, reading, and science are all of his favorite subjects. 

“All of them are my favorite,” Ibarra mentioned. “I like math a lot.” 

As of right now, he has one favorite hobby. 

“Working with my dad is fun,” Ibarra stated.  

Simon has plenty of friends, but he only considers a few of them his best friends. 

“Evan, Trace, Kaden, Jose, Joshua and Dorri are all my friends.” Ibarra said. “They are so funny and make me laugh.” 

His favorite color is gray. Simon is also thankful for his mom and dad, and sort of his sister. 

“I love my mom and dad,” Ibarra added. “I am not sure about my sister Aryca.” 

Senior Joshua Samaron has found out that he can always rely on Simon.

“If your one of his brothers, he will always be there for you,” Samaron said.