Teacher Spotlight: CJ Castillo

PE Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach


PE Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach

Taytum Goodman, Writer

“I enjoy coaching but also leading kids in the right path,” coach CJ Castillo said. 

Coach Castillo graduated and went to high school in Sudan, Texas. After high school he went to South Plains College for two years then graduated from Eastern New Mexico. C.J. is married to MaryAnn, and together they have two kids, Kaden who is a senior and Kaleb who is an 8th grader.  Coach Castillo is currently the PE teacher for PreK-5th grade and the head boys high school basketball coach. 

 “I found a passion years ago to coach and being able to do it as a profession is a blessing,” Coach Castillo said. 

Not only does Coach Castillo just like to coach, but he also loves helping kids. 

“I enjoy being around kids teaching them the principles of life,” Coach Castillo said. 

This year Coach Castillo has hopes for his team to overcome obstacles they have once faced. 

“We have been to the playoffs the last three years, but we are looking forward to taking it further,” Coach Castillo said. “We have all the tools this year, so it’s our time to show it.”

Coaching the game is fun, but Coach Castillo enjoys being around the boys even more. 

“The players are a bunch of fun; they definitely keep me young,” Coach Castillo added. “Not one trip is ever boring with these players and watching them on the court brings joy.”

One of Coach Castillo’s current players talked about why he enjoys having him as his coach. 

“I enjoy having CJ as a coach because he is the one that introduced me to basketball,” senior Evan Deleon said. “He has coached me since the start, and we have a chemistry that is hard to find.”

He has been a mentor and leader to several students.

Senior Evan Deleon and Coach Castillo (Frenz Fotos)

“He has taught me basically all the fundamentals of the game,” Deleon said.  “And he has also taught me how to take control and manage the game from being on the court.”

Coach Castillo also has goals for this year. 

“I want to accomplish being there for the kids, pushing them to go beyond their limits, I want to see them succeed in whatever they choose. Out of school I want to continue to sharpen myself to be a better person,” Coach Castillo said.  “Always willing to learn and face challenges that will make me better.”

Besides coaching he also has hobbies. 

“When I am not in school, I watch movies when I get a chance and hang out with my family,” Coach Castillo said.   

Deleon appreciates Coach Castillo and his family.

“If I could thank him for anything it would have to be for showing me and wanting me to play when I first moved here,” Deleon said. “He is like a friend and coach in one and his son being my best friend. I’ve always been around his family, so they are my second home.”