Teacher Spotlight: Marlana Tanaro

Teacher and Assistant Principal Marlana Tanaro


Teacher and Assistant Principal Marlana Tanaro

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

“I love to see kids’ light bulbs come on,” teacher and administrator Marlana Tanaro said.

Marlana Tanaro is the 8th grade and freshman English teacher as well as the Debate teacher and assistant principal for SEHS. Mrs. Tanaro was born in Lubbock and she was raised in Denver City, Texas. She graduated from Rankin High School and went on to attend Sunset International Bible Institute, WT, and LCU where she earned her undergraduate degree in Speech Communication, a master’s degree in Education, and eventually gained several certifications leading up to her certification to be a principal. She is married to Trent Tanaro, who she met while attending Bible college in Lubbock, and later married on December 18, 1998. They have two sons, Timothy and Tyler, who are both in high school. A few of her hobbies include quilting, sewing, yard work, cooking when she can, and any type of building and crafting projects.

When first considering a career, teaching wasn’t an option she had originally contemplated.

“I didn’t want to become a teacher because my dad was a teacher. He always griped about it, so I didn’t think I needed to do that,” Mrs. Tanaro said. “I was going to be an apprentice missionary right out of high school. My plans were I wanted to go to Russia and be a missionary in Russia.”

Due to her dad’s health issues, she wanted to be closer to home where she could care for her parents. For Mrs. Tanaro, family is everything, especially her children whom played a huge role in her decision to pursue a career in education.

“The more I thought about it, I was like okay the more I can be home with my kids. I can still raise them and be involved in their life,” Mrs. Tanaro said. “I just knew if I could be with my kids and have the same schedule as them, then it would help out a whole lot.”

Mrs. Tanaro began her teaching career in 2011 at Springlake-Earth where she stayed for two years. She then went on to teach 7th graders in Spearman before coming back to SEHS where she has been for the past three years. Mrs. Tanaro has taught 4th graders all the way up to seniors in reading, writing, U.S history, English I, and Debate. Her debate class is her favorite, and her students adore having her as their teacher.

She inspires me to be myself always. Around Mrs. Tanaro and in Mrs. Tanaro’s classes, I don’t have to put on a mask. I don’t have to be something I’m not.

— Sophomore, Lynnsey Mahler

“She’s the nicest teacher I’ve ever had. She pushes me to do my best,” freshman Nehemiah Castillo said. “When I try to do average, she pushes me to do better and be my best.”

Mrs. Tanaro has set a goal for herself as an educator, and one in which she strives to achieve every time she teaches.

“One goal I have is to teach the students what they need to know,” Mrs. Tanaro said. “I don’t want them leaving my classroom saying ‘oh Mrs. Tanaro never taught us that.’ I don’t want them ever thinking I didn’t do my job.”

Besides pushing students to be their best in their academics, Mrs. Tanaro has inspired students beyond the classroom.

“She inspires me to be myself always. Around Mrs. Tanaro and in Mrs. Tanaro’s classes, I don’t have to put on a mask. I don’t have to be something I’m not,” sophomore Lynnsey Mahler said.

Outside of school, Mrs. Tanaro has the same kindness towards others and is always doing something for the benefit of someone else.

“She is the kind that would do anything to help someone out. She’s thoughtful and kind,” her sister and science teacher Mrs. Ramon said. “Where she is sweet and the glue of our family, she’s also the reason I wanted to be a teacher.”

Marlana Tanaro with sons Timothy and Tyler and husband Trent.

Not only is Mrs. Tanaro an inspiration to others and has a kind-hearted soul, she has a great personality with a huge side of sarcasm. Many students know Mrs. Tanaro as the funny, sarcastic teacher that will always have something funny to say and make their day, one huge reason as to why she bonds so easily with her students.

“I like it when I can help kids out and have relationships with adults, and they can come to me and know that I’m there for them,” Mrs. Tanaro said. “I just love helping kids out in whatever they need help with.”

Even though Mrs. Tanaro knows that God’s plan for her can lead her down different roads, she hopes to continue being an educator at SEHS.

“My goal would be to stay here,” Mrs. Tanaro said. “I want to retire here whether I’m teaching or a principal.”