Senior Spotlight: Timothy Tanaro

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

“I’ll miss the memories and I’ll miss the people here, but I’m pretty stoked to graduate,” senior Timothy Tanaro said. 

Timothy Tanaro was born in Arlington, Texas, and has lived in Dimmit, Spearman, and Earth throughout his life. He is the oldest son of Trent and Marlana Tanaro and brother to freshman Tyler Tanaro. Timothy is already paving the way for what his bright future holds for him. He has already been accepted to John Deere Tech School where he will attend Navarro College in Corsicana for two years, earning himself an associate’s degree in course mechanics and certifications, including one in diesel mechanics. After finishing up at Navarro College, he plans to work at Hurst at Abernathy where he is sponsored by John Deere and take online college courses to earn his bachelor’s in agribusiness. 

Advice given to him over the years has played a huge role in him making the right career choice. 

“I like to fix things. I’ve always been told don’t do something that you don’t like doing,” Timothy said. “Do something you enjoy every day, so it’s not really your job; you’re just doing a hobby, but you’re getting paid to do it.” 

As far back as he can remember, he has always had a knack for fixing objects, making his career choice a perfect fit. 

“I look back now, and I still worked on things around the house. If something was broken, I’d try to fix it before mom and dad called someone in,” Timothy said. “But I was chasing some other dream that I found out was not going to work.” 

Marlana Tanaro

Before he considered attending John Deere Tech School and working on John Deere equipment, Timothy wanted to be in the rodeo business and obtain a farm management degree. He wanted to work with cows and live the cowboy lifestyle. However, the talk of college and of bigger, brighter dreams made him realize what his true calling was. 

“I had cowboy TikTok is what they would say nowadays on my Instagram,” Timothy said. “It was cowboy stuff all over everything. Now it’s all kinds of farming stuff.” 

Throughout high school, Timothy has been involved in sports, FCCLA, FFA, National Honor Society, and UIL academics such as Science and Current Issues and Events. Besides school, he likes hanging out with his friends, and going hunting and shooting with his guns and compound bow. He particularly loves attending concerts. 

“I have a little list on my phone. I have to knock all of these artists out before age 25,” Timothy said. “My favorite concert was probably Giovannie and the Hired Guns when they were at Littlefield, but the best overall was JAB Fest. I got to knock out ten of the artists on my list.” 

While Timothy loves to go to concerts, his classmates who make him laugh and joke around with him have a special place in his heart, and they are what will make graduating such a bittersweet moment.  

“I’ll be honest, I’m not a real big school person. Being around people that make you laugh at least makes it a better day than it just being school,” Timothy said. “They make it better, and they give me a drive to do something I don’t want to do.” 

Someone else who makes school so enjoyable for him is his mom, Mrs. Tanaro, who couldn’t be more proud of her son.

“I have loved watching him grow and learn. I have had the honor of being his mom and his teacher,” Mrs. Tanaro said. “Not many parents get that honor.”

Despite missing everyone here, Timothy is excited to graduate and see what life has in store for him. He has big dreams of the future and what he hopes to have in the years to come. 

“I want to see myself in a two-story house with a front porch all the way around, still working on John Deere tractors, and have my own gun collection,” Timothy said. “Probably have some kids, and probably be married by then hopefully. If I’m not married by then, something is wrong with me.” 

Timothy also dreams of having 20 guns before he’s 40, becoming a millionaire, raising a family, owning a Corvette that’s white with red stripes across the top, and getting his dream pickup, an old classic Duramax like Coach Been’s. He hopes that his hard work ethic and his drive will help him get the things he wants in life. 

“No matter where I’m living at or working at, I just wanna be successful,” Timothy said.