Senior Spotlight: Aubrey Deleon


Deleon Family

Senior Aubrey Deleon

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

“I’ve always wanted to work with people and make them feel better about themselves,” senior Aubrey Deleon said.  

Aubrey Deleon, single child of Angela Deleon, is on her way to a bright future. She wants to be a nurse assistant, where she can work to help others when they need it. Throughout high school, she has been involved in sports, student council, TAFE, and CNA. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and boyfriend, and watching Netflix. Aubrey plans to attend South Plains College to obtain a business degree as well as earn her nursing certificate.  

She has a specific class that comes to mind when she is asked which is her favorite.

“My favorite class throughout high school would probably have to be Coach Been’s classes,” Aubrey said. “I have always liked them.”

While in these classes, she has been lead towards wanting to become a CNA.

“I plan to get my CNA certificate then get a job at a nursing home or hospital, I haven’t decided which one yet,” Aubrey said. “While I’m working, I plan on going to college for business, so I can open my own business.” 

Although she wants to open her own business, she is mainly working towards being a Certified Nursing Assistant and looking out for other people. 

“There has always been a part of me that enjoys being there for those who are sick and hurting,” Aubrey said. “I could care for others forever.” 

She is currently involved in the CNA class at school. Nurse Laci Bradley is the adult in charge. 

“In this class, we have learned so much already,” Aubrey mentioned. “I have had the chance to do hands-on things that will prepare me for my job in the future.” 

Besides her love for nursing, she enjoys fashion and makeup. Aubrey plans to open up her own boutique. 

“I like doing makeup, and wearing it, it makes me feel pretty,” Aubrey said. “I also really like shoes, shirts, cardigans, cute jeans and jewelry.” 

I am excited to see what God has in store for me. I know I can achieve anything with God on my side.

— Aubrey Deleon, senior

Her favorite color is turquoise and she is a fan of animal print and horses. 

“I really want to open up my own boutique, I think it is something I would really enjoy,” Aubrey added. “I am obsessed with animal print, especially cow print, and I would love to get to sell it to other girls who like it, too.” 

There is also another reason she likes to be in Coach Been’s class in the technology building.

“Like I said, I like makeup, and I do it almost everyday for school,” Aubrey said. “Sometimes, if I don’t have time after athletics to do it, I will do it if I have free time in Coach Been’s room. That is something I will remember always.”

Another one of her favorite teachers is the counselor, Mrs. Derinda Carter.

“She is very quiet and takes awhile to get to know, but she has a good sense of humor,” Carter said. “She’ll make a good nurse, because she’s patient and compassionate of others. I enjoy being around her.”

She has been actively involved in sports throughout junior high and high school, as well.

“I played basketball in junior high, but I’ve only been in cross country and track in high school,” Aubrey said. “I hurt my knee and was unable to compete at a few meets. Last year, I got sick and never was able to participate in sports, so I am glad I can for my senior year.”

Aubrey has enjoyed her high school career, and will miss it, but also looks forward to her future endeavors. 

“I am excited to see what God has in store for me,” Aubrey said. “I know I can achieve anything with God on my side.”