Seniors Recognized at Last Home Game


Yearbook Staff

Senior Walk

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

After we did the senior walk I said, ‘I love you guys. You are all my brothers and sisters’”

— Senior Joshua Samaron

Before the last home game against Kress, seniors involved in cross country, football, and band were escorted out onto the field by their parents. It was a time to recognize them for being a part of those extracurriculars and letting them stand in front of their fans, the Wolverine Nation, for the last time on the Wolverine field.  

“Kind of unreal to know that was our last home game, that we’ll never get to see all the fans in one place again while we’re playing on the field,” senior Trace Goodman said. “It’s fun, senior year, to leave it all out on the line and just go out there and go as far as we can.” 

Like many of the football players, senior Evan Deleon was ready to not only stand in front of his fans for the last time, but give them a game that they couldn’t forget. 

“I was excited cause we were about to demolish Kress,” Deleon said. “I was ready to be district champs and win for the last time on this field.” 

It was also an exciting moment for all the parents who had the privilege to walk their kids onto the field that night, especially Si Beerwinkle.

Senior Football Boys (Sarah Weldon)

“I was very happy to get to walk with Sayler for the last S-E home football game because she had been looking forward to that,” Beerwinkle said. “I was very honored to get to walk with her on the last night!”

This year, the senior class has been a part of so many

great accomplishments with band attending the UIL state marching contest, the varsity football team being district champions for the second time in a row, and one individual, Josh Samaron, making it all the way to state in cross country. For Samaron, it was all about taking in the moment and enjoying what he had accomplished. 

“Really, it was all about having fun,” Samaron said. “You know it’s your last time doing it ever, so just enjoy it while you still have a chance. Just have fun.” 

Many seniors throughout the night were reflecting on all the times that they cherished so far this year, and for Trace Goodman, getting to spend time with his little sister, Taytum, was what made the cross country season so special for him.  

“Getting to go with my sister and watch her and train with her throughout the year was always a fun thing for me to do,” Goodman said. 

Senior Line-Up (Yearbook Staff)

Even though that being a part of band, cross country, and football was always fun and enjoyable for seniors, doing it with their fellow classmates was what made the moments so special. To seniors, they aren’t a class; they’re a family.  

“After we did the senior walk I said, ‘I love you guys. You are all my brothers and sisters’,” Samaron said. “They really are brothers and sisters to me.”

Since the beginning, seniors have watched each other grow up and become the people they are today. They’ve cried together, laughed together, fought with each other, and spent time with one another. They’ve always had each other, and last Friday they got to do one more thing together for the last time.  

“I’ve been with them for my whole life and we had additions come in every grade and just kept on adding family members,” Samaron said. “It’s sad. It’s definitely sad, but I was glad I got to do that with them.”