Senior Spotlight: Jose Galvan


Yearbook Staff

Senior Jose Galvan exiting the band bus

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Although there are many students graduating in the Class of 2022, Jose Galvan seems to stand out from them all.  

Jose Galvan, son of Carolina and Eduardo Soto, is a senior at Springlake-Earth High School. Jose has participated in many extracurricular activities including band, basketball, and other sports. Jose was in band his eighth grade year, and again his senior year. Both times the Wolverine Band qualified for state. Jose played basketball and football up until his sophomore and freshman years when he suffered from multiple injuries. 

During his freshman year, Jose tore his meniscus. He was devastated.

“We were starting a play, it was my first play on defense. Out of nowhere, I got cut, and I fell to the ground.  I felt a sharp pain in my knee.” Jose said.

Jose did not want to give up on football just yet, so he continued to play that game, thinking he would be okay with the support of his teammates.

“Emilio Rojas told me to keep going, and I did,” Jose said. “The next play I got cut again, so they finally took me out.”

Jose has played basketball since he was little. He also hurt himself playing basketball, his sophomore year. He was at practice when he hurt his knee.

“We were practicing drills, I turned wrong and my knee suddenly popped,” Jose said. “Without thinking, I didn’t realize I had then again hurt myself.”

Moving on from his experiences with sports, Jose has a plan for his future. Jose wants to work for a year or so before he continues with his education path. 

“I want to work for a year at a feed yard and then go to college,” Jose said.  

Jose does welding at his job, and this has inspired his future. He wants to go to college to receive his certification in welding. 

I’m most proud of making it to state with the band.

— Senior Jose Galvan

“South Plains has a welding program, so I’m planning on going to South Plains,” Jose said.

Jose is beyond content with his accomplishments this year.

“I’m most proud of making it to state with the band,” Jose said. “Even that we just made it that far.” 

Jose also has goals that he has set for himself this year, and he plans to reach those goals. 

“My goal for my senior year is to pass all my classes every six weeks,” Jose said.

Coach CJ Castillo has had a great impact on not only Jose’s life inside of school, but also outside of school. CJ Castillo has known and worked with Jose since he was younger. 

“Knowing Jose, he’s definitely a hard worker. Just seeing him from junior high to his senior year, I know he’s motivated in anything he puts his mind to,” Coach Castillo said. “He started off playing little dribblers and even AAU basketball with me.”  

Although Coach Castillo doesn’t know what Jose wants to do in his future, knows that he WILL go far. 

“I’ve helped him show his character, and just how to be a good hard-working young man,” Coach Castillo said. “I’ve taught him to put his mind to anything that he wants and he could be successful at it.”