Senior Spotlight: Micaela Fuentes


Micaela Fuentes

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

One of the many students of the graduating class this year has big plans for her future. She has used her activities from high school to help put her on her pathway towards becoming a registered nurse. She is also a selfless young lady who puts everyone before her own self and plans to do that for the rest of her life. 

Micaela Fuentes is headed to the medical field with hopes to help others. She is the 18-year-old daughter of Luis and Diana Fuentes. Micky also has two younger brothers, Roel and Luis. She has been involved in athletics, NHS, yearbook, UIL, and STUCO throughout her high school career. Micky enjoys cruising around town, listening to music, and hanging out with family and friends. She plans to attend Angelo State University to pursue a degree in nursing, or anything medical related.  

She has one main thing that she has really enjoyed during her time in high school, and it has been a part of her life for six years. 

“My favorite thing about high school would have to be athletics,” Micky said. “I have made so many memories and friends and learned so many valuable life lessons through my coaches.” 

Her favorite teacher was Libby Geissler, who retired two years ago. CNA is also her favorite class. 

“I’ve always had a fascination with health and medical,” Micky stated. “I’ve always liked helping people feel better when they are hurt and in shock.” 


A few experiences have helped set her on this specific pathway. 

“Being in sports has helped me on the path I’m on because to be a part of a team you have to be selfless,” Micky said. “That is a major thing in the medical field because you must care for another person’s needs before your own.” 

Micky understands that it might be difficult at first, but she would not be where she is if it wasn’t for the help of her parents.  

“The thing I look forward to after high school is getting the opportunity to be completely independent,” Micky mentioned. “Though it may be hard, I know I’ll always have a support system of family behind me to catch me or guide me down the right path.” 

She is ready to take on her future and the adventures that she may encounter.  

“I would like to see how I do without the complete help of my parents,” Micky added. “I know they will always be there for me when I need them, but this is my way of officially leaving the nest of my parents and home.” 

She considers her parents as her greatest impacts. They have pushed her to be the greatest version of herself and taught her multiple lessons. 

“The biggest thing that they have taught me is that they will always love and protect me no matter what,” Micky said. “They are always going to be my biggest blessing in life, and I’m eternally grateful to have them as my parents.” 

Being in sports has helped me on the path I’m on because to be a part of a team you have to be selfless”

— Micaela Fuentes

Principal Cindy Furr also notices Micky’s determination. 

“Micky has the work ethic and self-discipline to be successful at whatever she decides to do,” Furr said. “If she wants to be in the medical field, she also has the compassion and empathy and ability to do that. She will be excellent.” 

Micky has known for a while that she wants to help others who are sick and hurting, and she will soon reach her goal of becoming a registered nurse. 

“I have always enjoyed helping people when they are in discomfort,” Micky said. “I really knew what I wanted to do this past summer because I would help my mom take care of my Wela, assisting her with her daily tasks and taking care of her needs seemed like my calling in life.”