HS Principal–A Tremendous Blessing To SE

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Educators, especially principals, are often overlooked and never truly appreciated for the hard work and time they put into making their schools great and functional. 

Cindy Furr has 5 certifications including grades 1-8 reading, grades 1-8 self-contained, grades 1-8 ESL, and K-12 principal and superintendent. Mrs. Furr has had a career in education for the past 35 years. She has been a principal at SE for 10 of those years, serving as the elementary principal for the first 2 years; elementary, junior high, and high school principal for 1 year; and she is currently just the high school principal. The students, staff members, and teachers appreciate Mrs. Furr for all of the wonderful things that she has done for SE over the years, including superintendent Dr. Denver Crum. 

“She’s a phenomenal principal. In my opinion, she’s the best administer I’ve ever worked with,” Crum said. “She is such an outstanding role model. She’s just a really strong Christian woman that loves kids and loves what she does.”

Teacher Marlana Tanaro is the assistant principal and a teacher at SEHS. She has filled in for Mrs. Furr on a few occasions, so she knows exactly how demanding the principal position can be. 

Her job isn’t very glamorous.  She is there before 6:45 every morning and sometimes doesn’t leave until 10:30 at night.  She listens to people gripe and complain but stays positive,” Tanaro said. “She doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.  But she loves every minute of her job! 

Mrs. Furr never thought that she would be a teacher, but the day she helped students learn to read, her heart led her towards education in which she has loved the moment since.

“I think God puts you where you are, and he’s going to no matter what you do. I think it has to be your calling,” Furr said. “I like coming to work. I like being here.” 

Mrs. Furr does everything from making sure that students have a personalized graduation plan and functional schedule to accounting for student attendance and maintaining a budget. She also helps teachers evaluate curriculum and educate students. Mrs. Furr especially loves interacting and helping students in whatever ways that she can, especially their academics.

Mrs. Furr enjoying time with her grandson.

“She just wants everyone to pass and do good on their work,” junior Braxton Ethridge said. “She just cares about all of her students equally, and she just wants us to pass and get our work done, so we can play and succeed in life.” 

Students are very appreciative of the fact that Mrs. Furr shows them so much support and care, and helps them towards earning better grades. Eighth-grader Robert Flores couldn’t be more thankful that she helps him stay on top of his academics, so he can perform his best on the field.  

“Since I’m an athlete, I won’t get to play if I fail,” Flores said. “She keeps me on track and makes sure my grades are good, so I get to play.” 

Mrs. Furr goes above and beyond her duties as a principal to help each and every person at SEHS with whatever she can. She will go to the ends of the world to help anyone who needs it, something many don’t credit her enough for. 

“She is known by the students as being the disciplinarian, but she is much more than that,” Tanaro said. “She is an advocate for students, she can be a counselor at times.  She is a teacher, a cheerleader/encourager.” 

Everyone is so thankful and very appreciative of all the support and long hours Mrs. Furr puts into running and maintaining SEHS as well as the helpful, caring heart she wears on her sleeve each and every day. SEHS could not ask for a better principal.

“She’s talented and a tremendous blessing to our students, to our school, and community,” Crum said.

Before becoming a principal, Mrs. Furr began her career in education at Lazbuddie Elementary School.

She’s talented and a tremendous blessing to our students, to our school, and community.

— Superintendent Denver Crum

“I taught second grade, fourth grade, and a few high school classes here and there,” Furr said. “I got moved around a lot, so I got experience across the board. I did that, and I taught summer schools there as well.”

Mrs. Furr then came to Springlake-Earth where she learned everything she needed to know to be a great principal from Mr. Conkin who was the superintendent at the time.

“He taught me about all school programs, budgets, buses, and all of the things you have to know for those reports. I helped him do all of those in the summer,” Furr said. “I learned most from Mr. Conkin.”

Besides being a great principal, Mrs. Furr is also an interesting person with hobbies and interests outside of education.

“I like to re-finish furniture, paint, and go to antique and flea market type places,” Furr said. “I like finding things to re-do and fix, and I also build furniture.”

Mrs. Furr has built her grandson, Thomas, a toy box, and she is currently building her granddaughter, Eleanor, one too. She loves her family and the job that she dedicates herself to each and every day.

“I don’t know how she does what she does. She is quite amazing,” teacher Gwen Parish said. “I think she might be Wonder Woman.”