Teacher Spotlight: Tamequah Mahler

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

“I love getting to know my kids and helping them learn.” elementary teacher Tamequah Mahler said. 

Tamequah Mahler is the 4th and 5th grade math teacher and this is her fourth year at S-E. While in high school she was involved in cross country, basketball, track, and tennis. She also participated in band. She was the twirler, and she played the French Horn. She then graduated from Anton High School in 2000. After completing high school, she moved to College Station, where she attended Blinn College. Following college, she moved back to Anton to get married. She has been married to Coach Brian Mahler for 17 years. In 2011, she graduated from LCU with a degree in Humanities.  A few of her hobbies include sewing, crocheting, reading, and going camping.  

She was inspired by two of her high school teachers, Mrs. James and Mrs. Neill.  

“I wanted to teach high school literature classes,” Tamequah said. “However, after graduating high school, many people advised me that teachers don’t make money, and I should turn to nursing instead.” 

Mrs. Mahler unfortunately followed their advice, but quickly changed her mind. 

“I worked as a CNA in Littlefield and Lubbock for 10 years while I worked on my Bachelor’s degree,” Tamequah said. “I turned back to teaching when I saw that money made in the medical field was not worth the time I was missing with my family.” 

After that, she figured out that she was meant to be a teacher. 

“I found that money doesn’t buy happiness, and I was miserable at my job,” Tamequah said. “I wanted to help kids learn so I continued to work and went to school for teaching.” 

Her first teaching job was in Olton. 

“I had been a substitute teacher and the principal, Doctor Mills, came and asked me if I would like a teaching position for the next school year,” Tamequah said. “I was so happy to take it but nervous because I would be a math teacher, so I worked all summer to become better with my math and the math I would be teaching.” 

This is her tenth year teaching. She taught 4th and 5th grade math at Olton for 6 years, before coming to S-E. 

“I really love being a math teacher and it’s crazy that I am a math teacher given that I was terrible at math growing up,” Tamequah said. “I always struggled in math and my teachers were not helpful with struggling learners, and I hated math as a kid.” 

She has set a goal for her teachings. 

“I absolutely love math now that I know how to do math,” Tamequah said. “My goal is to never, ever be like the math teachers I had as a kid.”

I just love being a part of their lives even if it just for a little while.

— Tamequah Mahler

She tries her best to make math fun and understanding for the students. 

“I always do anything I can to help them understand,” Tamequah said. “I do not want them to hate math like I did.” 

4th grader, Saige Beerwinkle is currently in Mrs. Mahler’s class.

“I think Mrs. Mahler is a great teacher and does a lot of fun projects,” Saige said. “She is always nice to us.”

Mrs. Mahler also believes strongly in herself. 

“I think I am a pretty good math teacher because I understand why the students are struggling,” Tamequah said. “I was once in their shoes, and I didn’t understand either.” 

She mainly enjoys creating an environment where the kids feel safe. 

“They are safe to learn, safe to express themselves, and safe to be silly,” Tamequah said. “I just love being a part of their lives even if it just for a little while.”  

She truly enjoys her job and loves being around the children. 

“One of my favorite sayings is ‘They may forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel’,” Tamequah said. “I hope that my former students look back and think of me with a smile.”