Senior Spotlight: Samuel Alderson


Sayler Beerwinkle

Sam Alderson, future diesel mechanic

Kimberly Cruz, Writer

“I’m most excited to graduate for sure.” senior Samuel Alderson said.

Sam is the 17-year-old son of Cassie and Cory Been, he is also the older brother of Kenton Been. Sam enjoys hunting and working. Once he graduates, he plans to go to a trade school in Wyoming. Sam participates in the S-E Marching Band, where he plays the drums. He set three goals before beginning his senior year: pass all his classes, go to state in band and to graduate. So far, he has achieved his goal of making it to state in band.

Sam is one of the three seniors participating in band this state year. They now have the opportunity to compete at the UIL State Marching Contest, after receiving a division 1 at the regional contest.

“I just wanted the chance to go to state in something my senior year,” Sam said. “I thought it would be a cool and exciting thing to experience.”

After I graduate, I plan on going to WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming to become a diesel mechanic.

— Senior Sam Alderson

He has decided to go to school in Wyoming, because he has not had the experience of getting to travel. He was inspired to go to WyoTech after a representative came and talked to the school about it.  

“After I graduate, I plan on going to WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming to become a diesel mechanic,” Sam said. “I can see myself truly enjoying this type of work.”

After Sam is done at WyoTech he has a few jobs lined up for him to start working.

“I plan on moving back and getting a job in the Post area because my family has a house out in that area,” Sam said. “If I cannot find a job, I plan on moving back to the Earth area and working at the Sudan Co-op or possibly in Amarillo. 

His greatest impact is his mom.

“My mom has impacted me the most because she has always been there for me and been supportive of me,” Sam said. “She has helped me reach all of my goals, including going to WyoTech.”

Samuel has a great plan for his future and continues to push forward.  

“I think Sam is making a good choice for his future,” teacher and coach Sarah Weldon said. “I think being a diesel mechanic will make him lots of money, and I know he will be very productive in this field.”