Senior Spotlight: Jesse Gill


Yearbook Staff

Working hard on the computer

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

With plans to work on cars, this senior is zooming towards a bright future.

Jesse Gill is the son of David and Kimberly Gill. He has one younger brother; Wyatt Gill. Jesse moved to S-E in 7th grade, where he was quick to make multiple friends. Before moving to S-E, he was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma. Jesse’s parents both found jobs in this area, which is why he moved here. He does not know where he wants to go to college, but he plans to study restoring cars. He is also involved in Theatre.  

Jesse likes to be with his friends. One of his closest friends is senior Jose Galvan. 

“Jose is just one of those people that I can talk to and be myself,” Jesse said. “We joke with each other and have fun doing so.” 

His favorite class this year is Theatre. 

“I do the sound for the Theatre program.” Jesse said.

His favorite teacher is Mrs. Derinda Carter. She is the Counselor and Government teacher. 

“This semester she has been a big help,” Jesse said. “She is just an awesome teacher.” 

Mrs. Carter enjoys Jesse’s presence. 

“I think he’s a cool kid,” Carter said. “He’s always happy and has a smile on his face.” 

Jesse Gill (Yearbook Staff)

He has hopes of learning how to work on cars. 

“I am planning on going to college to learn auto mechanics to restore cars,” Jesse said. “I want to do this because of my love for cars.” 

Jesse and Mrs. Carter have one specific thing in common. 

“He loves mechanics and he loves fixing things,” Carter said. “And that kind of triggers me because I have been around that for years.” 

He drives a 1976 Chevy Silverado C-10, which he is in the process of fixing. 

“It is not in the best condition,” Jesse said. “My dad and I are working to bring it back to its glory days.” 

Jesse has been impacted the most by his grandpa, Donald Pflueger. 

“I grew up around him,” Jesse said. “He’s the reason I want to work on cars.” 

Wherever Jesse decides to go after high school, he will be successful in his desired field. 

“I think he’s got a lot of potential,” Carter said. “I think he’s going to go far; he’s just got to have the opportunities open to do it.”