SEHS 2021 Homecoming King and Queen!


Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

This year has already been special for many seniors, but for two seniors and their families, homecoming made this year even more memorable. 

After much anticipation, seniors Trace Goodman and Sayler Beerwinkle were named SEHS 2021 homecoming king and queen at the pep rally last Friday. Both seniors were pleasantly surprised and overjoyed to be nominated for such an honorable status. 

“When they announced my name, I was pretty grateful and happy that I got it,” Trace said. “It was my first homecoming actually being on the court and then senior year. So first and last homecoming I got king, so it was pretty cool.” 

Taytum Goodman could barely contain her excitement when she heard that her brother was chosen to be homecoming king. 

“I was so excited to hear that Trace was on homecoming court, and then when I found out he was king, I was beyond excited,” Taytum said. “I was so happy for him because he definitely deserves it. He’s worked hard his whole high school career, so he deserves to be king.” 


Ever since the homecoming nominees had been announced, Taytum had been looking forward to being on homecoming court with her brother for his senior year. 

“Just being able to take that picture of me and him together, it means a lot,” Taytum said. 

Seeing both her daughter and son on homecoming court was already a special moment for mom and Coach Jeri Been Goodman. The moment was made even more memorable, though, when the crown was placed on Trace’s head.  

“It was just so special for his senior year to be that and to never have been on the court before and that honor of being elected that,” Coach Been said. “It was special for our family.” 

It was particularly special for Trace.  

“It means a lot because I didn’t realize how much homecoming meant to everyone until I got to the football game,” Trace said. “There were people that used to work at the school that were saying congratulations and stuff, and I didn’t realize how important it was.” 

Sayler has been on court before, but this year homecoming brought her even more pride, especially after hearing she was homecoming queen. 

“I felt honored that I get to be listed as the 2021 homecoming queen,” Sayler said. “It’s kind of an honor you know for people to look back on and for me to look back on, so it was special.” 

Sayler’s dad, Si Beerwinkle, was especially delighted when he heard the great news. 

“When I found out Sayler was crowned homecoming queen I was so excited for her but more proud than anything. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does,” Si said. “She’s worked hard to get here. I feel like she is a very deserving queen!” 

Last year, both Sayler and Slade Beerwinkle got to be on homecoming court together. However, with this being Sayler Beerwinkle’s senior year, it was the last homecoming they could share together. Slade Beerwinkle couldn’t be prouder of his older sister.  

“I was happy first of all. I didn’t expect it to be honest, but I was happy for her,” Slade said. “I’m pretty proud of her.” 

Getting homecoming queen has always been a dream of Sayler’s since she was a little girl. 

“I’ve always looked up to all the girls that got it, so I’ve always wanted to be that girl. I wanted to you know wear a crown, so I was glad that i got to do that finally,” Sayler said. “Ever since kindergarten when we would come to the pep rallies, I thought it was cool for those girls to get to do that. And I was glad I was able to too.”