Teacher Spotlight: Scott Royal

Taytum Goodman, Writer

“I went to the only university in Texas,” Scott Royal said.

 Mr. Royal is the father of Cole, Brock, and Kurt Royal and the husband to Andrea Royal.  Mr. Royal is currently teaching US History from the beginning to 1877 and the second half of 1877 to present, at Springlake-Earth high school. 

Mr. Royal original plans were not to become a teacher. 

“I was on the business side of things before I changed my major to become a teacher,”  Royal said.  “That’s what I would be doing right now if I was not a teacher and probably be making a lot more money.” 

Mr. Royal attended Texas Tech University. 

“I met Andrea at Texas Tech,” said Mr.Royal. 

As a teacher Mr. Royal has plans for all of his classes. 

“To hopefully do good on the STAAR, that’s the ultimate to have a good showing at the end,” Royal said. 

Mr. Royal also has a goal for is students besides the STAAR. 

“Make them understand what it means to be an American,” Royal said.  “If it wasn’t for the test that would be all we do so we can create patriotism and so forth.” 

Mr. Royal also has hobbies to do outside of his teaching field. 

“I like to go to sporting events like other people I know and enjoy them.  Also being a part of that, I like the competition,” Royal said. 

Mr. Royal also has a senior son this year, Brock Royal. 

“It’s different you know everything is coming to an end,” Royal said. “From the parent standpoint it’s a new stage of life, but for the senior its fantastic its great all the different changes.”  

Mr. Royal talked about the hard things that will come after graduation. 

For 18 or 19 years he has been a part of my life it is going to be different having an empty room and seeing that empty spot in the drive way,” Royal said. 

Royal loves teaching and is proud of his current students.

“All the kids are working hard,” Royal said.