Lady Wolverines Run @ LCU



Sophomore Isabella Gonzales throws the shot put

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The Lady Wolverines attended their first UIL invitational track meet of the 2021-2022 season at Lubbock Christian University last Friday. Although they only had about a week to prepare, the participants did fairly well. They will travel to Whiteface today to compete in only running events.

“As a whole, yes we were prepared since we have been running a whole week,” senior Sayler Beerwinkle said. 

Sophomore Taytum Goodman was prepared for her first track meet of the season. As she improved on her times, she plans on getting better.  

“I was ready for the first track meet,” Goodman said. “I think I did good; I improved my times, and I am ready for the next meet.” 

The Lady Wolverines’ basketball season recently came to an end, so they didn’t have much time to prepare for their first track meet. 

“We only had been out of basketball for a week, so I think we all did good for only having a few days on the track,” Goodman said. 

There were many schools that competed at the LCU meet, but in a way, it benefited the Lady Wolverines. 

“It was a huge meet and there were so many people, but it was good for us to get the first meet jitters out the way,” Beerwinkle said.  

Assistant coach Sarah Weldon attended the track meet and thinks the Lady Wolverines, are off to a great start for their season.  

“It was our first meet, it was hot, and we were nervous, but overall, I was really proud of everyone, even the two boys we took!” Weldon said. 

The Lady Wolverines have great sportsmanship and try their hardest to do everything to the best of their ability. Being in a small school is not a disadvantage to them. 

“Our girls do not want to let each other down, so they are always going to give it their all no matter the circumstances,” Weldon said. “LCU was a huge meet with lots of bigger schools and even private schools, and SE competed really well.”