Should Schools Have Uniforms?


Annabelle Anchondo

Alex Alvarez holding dress code sign

Kimberly Cruz, Writer

School dress code violations are a major issue that teachers and principals have to deal with multiple times a day. Implementing school uniforms would prevent dress code violations that happen each day. 

We should have school uniforms.

Having school uniforms would give the faculty and staff one less thing to worry about. If we had uniforms, students would have a harder time trying to break dress code. They wouldn’t get the opportunity to break the rules, if they are required to dress a certain way.  If faculty doesn’t have to worry about policing dress code, they can focus more on what matters such as building relationships with students, teaching, and being good role models. 

School uniforms can improve the focus of students. If we are all wearing the same thing, then there should be no reason for us to be distracted. By enacting a school policy of school uniforms, it would decrease the amount of bullying that happens based on the way individuals decide to dress and express themselves. Students would  feel more equal, because they would all look the same, clothing wise. 

If dress code is such an issue then why have it? Staff and faculty are so worried about what we wear they are even willing to take time out of our learning time. If we had a school uniform that would not happen so much since we are all wearing the same thing. With school uniforms there would be no way of breaking the dress code and getting away with it. With the dress code we have now there are days where there are two people wearing the same thing but only one person gets in trouble for it, with a uniform that would not be able to happen.

Yes, school uniforms take away student expression, but they would provide a convenience for students. Students could save time in the morning as they wouldn’t have to pick out an outfit every day. This would make occasions outside of school when students would choose their own outfits more exciting. For example, going to the movies with friends would now be an event for hanging out and also for showing your personality through your attire. After all, school’s purpose is not to showcase student expression through clothing; the purpose of school is to educate students. Student expression can be shown through extracurricular activities instead.

In conclusion, school uniforms could have a positive effect on the school. By adding a school uniform, many problems would be solved. School systems shouldn’t have to deal with bullying and dress code problems. Uniforms would help solve these unfortunate problems.  Implementing school uniforms would take the attention off of dress code violations and move it to where it should be– on the learning. Springlake-Earth administration should consider making school uniforms the new dress code.