SEHS Begins Their 2021 Football Season


Sarah Weldon

Varsity players line up for the National Anthem

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

The Varsity and Junior Varsity football teams both officially began their football seasons on August 2nd. This year, the JV team gained all upcoming freshman and two newcomers, freshman Jade Hill and junior Oscar Flores. Oscar was very optimistic about his first year on the team.

“It is my first year. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I’m also excited to go out there to the field and give it my all,” Flores said. “I’m going to go at it and have lots of fun!”

For varsity, the players are the the same who played in last year’s season. For many of the players, this is the last year they will be competing on the field together.

“I’m hoping to work on team chemistry and to get as close to my teammates as possible before we head off to college,” senior and quarterback Evan DeLeon said.

Evan is keeping his eye on the prize this year and hoping to make it to state.

“For every sport, we always strive to make state championship,” Coach Israel DeLeon said. “That’s our big goal.”

For many, the state title doesn’t seem too far away. Varsity had a spectacular season last year, and the SEHS community is very optimistic that they will have an even more fantastic season this year. 

“They gave all they had last year and made it very far, so I have no doubt this will be an even better year,” Flores said. “I even dare say we’ll make it to state. Hopes are high, and with good reason!” 

Last year, the Varsity team won district championship. They then moved on to dominate White Deer and claim the bi-district championship as well. Even with all of the Covid-19 precautions and UIL regulations, Varsity still managed to rise above through hard work and determination. 

“I think for the first time since I’ve been here, which was 2014, we were always the smaller school. Now we’re not the smaller school,” Coach DeLeon said. “We always had less talent, and now I feel like we have a lot of talent.” 

Every single player on both JV and varsity have fully committed themselves to football. They make it a priority to attend practice every day and maintain their grade averages, so each week they can take on another school and get one step closer to that state title.  

“If we take advantage of this opportunity, we have a chance of doing some good things.” Coach DeLeon said.