Runners Compete Well at LCU


Sarah Weldon

Varsity girls praying before the race

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

The Varsity, JV and even JH cross country teams made the short trip to Lubbock early Saturday morning to compete with schools from the 1A-4A level at Lubbock Christian University. Since there are no more limits on events due to COVID, cross country meets can allow as many runners as they want. Therefore, the Wolverines and Lady Wolverines ran against around 300 other runners, and still excelled. The Varsity girls placed 8th as a team and there were multiple runners who placed in the top half, including sophomore Taytum Goodman taking 1st place. 

“I was very satisfied with everyone’s performance,” Coach Jeri Been Goodman said. “It’s hard to gauge how good we did when we were running against 4 different classifications and over 300 runners in each.” 

The Varsity girls were the 1st place team out of all of the 1A schools who ran. 

“This is the first time we beat Sands,” Been said. “We were 8th and they were 9th.”  

Seniors Joshua Samaron and Kimberly Cruz competed at the LCU Invitational. 

“Overall, my performance today was pretty bad,” Samaron said. “I definitely could’ve done better comparing my time from today to previous LCU meets.” 

Joshua was the top finisher for the Wolverines and Kimberly competed on JV for the Lady Wolverines. 

“I think for my first meet this year I did fairly good, considering I didn’t run much this week,” Cruz said. “I think I could’ve pushed myself more, but I’m proud of myself and the other girls. 

Even though they competed at the best of their ability, there are always ways to improve for the future meets. 

“I think we need to improve our sprints at the first and at the end,” Been said. “As long as we keep improving every day, we will be fine.” 

Kimberly has been running cross country since Junior High and has set some goals for her final season. 

“I think the meet I’m looking forward to the most is the last one, because I want to be done running,” Cruz said. “My final goal for this year is to probably make it to the top 10 of the girls on our team.”  

Joshua has competed at state three times in his high school career, and plans to do it again, for the last time. 

“There’s a lot to look forward to this season, especially being a senior,” Samaron said. “So, the number one goal for me is to get top 10 at regionals and head to state knowing that I gave it all I had at my last meet.” 

Both Wolverines and Lady Wolverines are looking to defend their district championship title again this year. 

“We have teams that should win district once again,” Been said. “I am very excited to  

see what we can accomplish.”