Senior Spotlight: Clayton Stevenson


Stevenson Family

Clayton Stevenson shows his love for agriculture

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

“There’s nothing else I’d rather do,” senior Clayton Stevenson said. 

Clayton Stevenson, son of Sam and Tanya, and big brother to Emma and Jenna, has high hopes for his future. He plans to stick to his roots and stay in the agriculture business. Throughout high school he has been actively involved in the FFA and has participated in other agricultural activities. He has served many FFA offices, as well as a class, NHS, and STUCO officer. He is a leader and role model who plans to do great things in the future, specifically for the future of agriculture. Clayton is also excited for his last year of high school. 

“I’m ready to see what life is like outside of Springlake-Earth,” Clayton said. “I wanna get my own taste of the world.” 

Clayton plans to apply at West Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University, and go to pre-vet school. 

“If you go through four years of pre-vet school, you get your degree in Animal Science, but more focused on the veterinary standpoint, which is where I want to be,” Clayton said. “But if I decide I don’t like that I’ll probably take a nutrition route, something that’s definitely rooted in agriculture, cause that’s what I feel I excel at the most.”  

His backup plans include either becoming a nutritionist, managing a feed yard, or some other agricultural operation, but he would also even consider a medical career, that deals with people. 

“There’s not really other fields that interest me, but that’s the whole point of leaving high school,” Clayton said. “I’m gonna get to see what’s out there and who knows, I might find something else.”  

Clayton has been around agriculture since he was a child. Today, his dad manages Frontera Feedyard in Muleshoe, and his mom is the Feedyard secretary. 

“I really think being in FFA and being from an agriculture background has really helped set me on my path,” Clayton said.  

He started showing goats in 3rd grade, then started to do commercial steer contests that took place in San Antonio and Houston. As he entered high school, he started to become more involved in FFA. 

“I started getting very interested in running for office, and so I ran for our chapter office,” Clayton said. “Then I ran for district office, and that’s when it became real.” 

Clayton served as the Plainview FFA District President, during covid. The Plainview District consists of S-E, Olton, Dimmitt, Abernathy, Lockney, Floydada, Nazareth and other towns in this area. 

“Some real adversity hit the agriculture industry during COVID,” Clayton said. “But agriculturalists were able to push through and that’s truly beautiful within itself, and those are the kinda people I wanna serve.” 

He ended up running for area office and currently serves as the Area 1 FFA Secretary. Area 1 consists of all the FFA Districts in the Panhandle.  

“So I ended up running for Area office,” Clayton said. “And that just continued to grow my love for agriculture and the people who are involved in it, so this is where I want to be.”