Wolverines Crush the Mustangs


Sayler Beerwinkle

Slade Beerwinkle running his 3rd interception back to score a touchdown to seal the victory.

Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

Wolverine JV Football team bring home a big win Thursday night over the Wildorado Mustangs, 44-0. Even though they faced a last-minute cancellation for their scheduled game against Rankin, due to the lack of referees, the Wolverines still managed to succeed.

Both Caleb and Alejandro had different feelings about not getting to play the Rankin Red Devils, but competed well against the Mustangs.  

“I was not sad about not having to play them,” Freshman Caleb Samarron said. “I just really didn’t want to have a long bus ride.” 

The game was originally scheduled to be played in Borden County, which is a 2-hour commute, a little longer on a bus.  

“Yeah, I wanted to play them because they looked like a solid team,” Sophomore Alejandro Gonzales said. “I wanted to see how we could get better.”  

They both did their part in keeping the Mustangs from scoring a single point throughout the entire game. 

“I think I did pretty well,” Samarron said. “I went in a couple of times and got some blocks, but that’s about it.” 

Caleb is a backup center and nose guard, while Alejandro is a fullback and defensive end.  

“Probably defensively is where I did the best in this game,” Gonzales said. “Stopping the dumps, rushing in, and getting the sacks.” 

Gavin Gonzales also had a successful game, scoring 5 touchdowns, and his teammates recognized his effort.  

“In this game, Gavin went on the outside instead of tippy-toeing on the inside and cutting back,” Samarron said. “Which helped him score better.” 

Slade Beerwinkle contributed to the win with 3 interceptions, including one pick 6, which also helped them outscore Wildorado. 

“Slade was just getting pick after pick,” Samarron said. “And we were just dominating on defense to help us win.” 

Once the Wolverines got their momentum, they never stopped, and that’s how they defeated the Mustangs so easily. 

“I feel like we had more hope and that led us to gaining more yards and getting more touchdowns,” Gonzales said. “We didn’t give up and we played our best.”