Senior Spotlight Wyatt Gill

Senior Photo          Wyatt Gill

Senior Photo Wyatt Gill

Taytum Goodman, Writer

Wyatt Gill is the son of Kimberly and David Gill. He is also the brother to Jesse Gill who graduated last year.  Gill was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, and was raised there until he and his family moved to Earth at the start of his seventh-grade year.  Gill is in one extracurricular at school, ag.  At school, Gill is known to be the funny guy.   

“Wyatt is different, but I like getting on his nerves,” Dereck Rosalez said.   “He is a funny dude.” 

Throughout high school, Gill has been in almost every ag class offered. 

“I can say the funniest things that came out of high school for me was ag,” Gill said.  “When I Started ag it was with last year’s seniors, and I will tell you what, with Trace Goodman and all of them that is the reason I am still in ag because all those funny memories I cannot talk about!” 

Gill can even say he learned something from an upperclassman that he is very grateful for.

“I can say Trace taught me a lot,” Gill said.  “He was the ‘funny guy’ to me.  There was not a time that I did not laugh at something he did, and I am not going to lie some of the things made me mad and might have been stupid but they are still funny.  He wasn’t afraid to say what needed to be said either even if it was probably not the right thing to say, so I can say I respect him for that.  Trace also inspired me to say something to a specific somebody cause without Trace here to do it, someone has to.  Like I said, I am so glad I met him ’cause he was funny.”

Since Gill got here in his seventh-grade year, he can say throughout those years he found his favorite teacher. 

“My favorite teacher and still is even though he is not here anymore is Coach Atwood because of the way he treated all of us,” Gill said. 

Gill takes people really seriously and doesn’t like fake people, so he has found two people he considers his friends. 

“I have friends, but there are two people that make me laugh every day and that is Taytum Goodman and Dereck Rosalez,” Gill said. 

Wyatt is known for certain things throughout the school but there is one detail everyone knows. 

“Every time it rains Wyatt never comes to school,” Rosalez said.  “If it starts sprinkling, he leaves school and doesn’t come back until the next week!” 

Gill agrees totally with that statement but now regrets not coming to school. 

“Heck I got to find a way to come to school if it rains, snows, or anything else cause I can’t miss any more days of school because I have lunch detention until the start of March,” Gill said. 

Outside of school, Gill also has hobbies he enjoys doing. 

“I like to work on cars and sometimes cook, but my love for working on cars has made me decide to go to college in Wyoming to do auto mechanics after I graduate.

Gill was asked what his dreams were for life after high school and completing college.

“I would like to eventually open my own mechanic shop, and build fast motors.”