The Wolverines Lose to the Swifts


Dilllon Jones Photography

Junior JJ Jaramillo going in for a jump shot.

Lizzy Garcia, Writer

The varsity Wolverines took on the Nazareth Swifts on Tuesday. The game was close, but unfortunately, the Wolverines suffered a loss of 37-50. Starting off the game for the Wolverines, senior Alex Alvarez, juniors Isaiah Tovar, JJ Jaramillo, and freshmen Kaleb Castillo and Froylan Agundez positioned themselves on the court.  

“I felt great going against them. I felt like we were prepared enough to show them who we are,” Alvarez said. “A lot of teams thought we were going to get blown out, so it feels good to show them that we aren’t a bad team.” 

The 1st quarter started off with the Wolverines making a shot, but the Swifts made sure to make it a tie in the first minutes of the game. The quarter goes on like this with a couple of fouls being called. When the quarter is over, the score is 7-9 with the Wolverines needing a 3-pointer to get ahead. 

“I felt like it was good for us because it was like a playoff atmosphere,” Castillo said. “So, I think it was good for us to go against them early.” 

2nd quarter starts with the Wolverines having the ball, but they end up playing a game of hot potato with the Swifts. No one scored until 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter, with the Wolverines sinking a basket. Shortly after, the Swifts take their own shot. By the end of the quarter, the gap had gotten bigger between the Wolverines and the Swifts. The 2nd quarter ends with a score of 9-26 with the Swifts in the lead by 17 points. 

“I felt like I could’ve not fouled as much as I did. I picked up 4 early fouls, which took me out of the game,” Alvarez said. “I know my teammates needed me in the game most of the time, and I let them down as far as picking up dumb fouls. But, like I said, with or without me in the game, my teammates will find a way to compete and work for a win, and that’s what makes this group special.” 

Freshmen Kaleb Castillo going for a lay-up. (Dillon Jones Photography)

Before the 3rd quarter could start, spectator and Senior Annabelle Anchondo had some words to say. 

“I know there was a lot of doubt heading into the game, not necessarily with the players, but with other people because our team would be facing Nazareth.” Anchondo said. “I know if the boys drown out that doubt and do what they do, then they would perform very well against Nazareth.” 

The Swifts started the 3rd quarter with the ball, and the Wolverines did their best to make sure that the Swifts didn’t score. This quarter had many fouls between both teams, but it ended up with a score of 23-37. 

“Our defense was our strength because we are not afraid to get dirty with the other team, and we are smart on defense too.” Castillo said. “We should have been shooting more at the beginning and improve our offense.” 

The beginning of 4th quarter started with fouls made by the Wolverines on the Swifts. Some shots were made, while others didn’t make it.  Towards the middle of the quarter, Castillo, unfortunately, fouled out, but the game had to go on. The game ended with a score of 37-50 with the Wolverines losing. 

“I thought the boys had a fighting chance for a while. They came back and looked like they were going to catch up,” Marlana Tanaro said. “But them there was a few mistakes that happened here and there that cost them the game. I don’t want the thought of losing to Nazareth to be in their head like they can’t do it.” 

Unfortunately, the Wolverines lost this game, but it was great experience for the season. The fans of the Wolverine hope they take this lost and learn from it, and come back greater and stronger.

“They did an incredible job playing with Nazareth and making the game hard for them to win,” Anchondo said. “I hope they take their performance against Nazareth and use it as confidence throughout the rest of their district season. These boys got a lot of talent to showcase!”