Senior Spotlight Halee Toscano


Hailee Toscano

Senior Halee Toscano showing off her senior ring.

Taytum Goodman

“I am glad I got to meet the people I did while here at Springlake,” Halee Toscano said.

Toscano is a Senior here at Springlake-Earth and has been her since Pre-K.  Since she has been in high school, she has been active in sports, cheerleading, FFA, National Honor Society, and yearbook.   

“Making it to be a senior has been my biggest accomplishment in high school,” Toscano said. “My grandma and Kiesen keep me going. Every time I have a basketball game my grandma wakes up early in the morning and tells me good luck.” 

Throughout the rest of Toscano’s senior year she has goals and expectations that she wants to see happen. 

“I want our basketball team to be successful this year, and I want my grades to be high in the 90s,” Toscano said. “I want to show up to school every day and not be late.” 

Not only does showing up to school make Toscano feel good about herself, but she makes everyone smile when she is there. 

“I have been around Halee for 5 years, but in class I had her her junior year,” Scott Royal said. “She has great personality and she brings great energy into the classroom. She makes it fun; I look forward to coming to class every day when I have someone like her in there. It makes other students want to come to and that’s a big deal when your teaching history.” 

Outside of school Halee also has hobbies she enjoys doing. 

“Outside of school I hang out with Aubrey and Jenna, I am always with them,” Toscano said. “When I am not with them, I hang out with family, and I watch scary movies.” 

Halee is grateful for her friends but one of her best friends Jenna Bridges doesn’t know what she would do without her. 

“She’s my best friend, if you knew us two years ago you know no one would’ve thought we would be as close as we are now,” Bridges said. “What I like the most about Halee is what she means to me, I feel like we’re quite literally inseparable. We spend all our free time together. Hopefully, when Halee goes off to college, she is still close to home or close to me. I don’t think I could last not being with her all the time. In a couple of years, I see Halee accomplishing what she always wanted to do. She’s the type of person that’s determined to always get what she wants. She wants to study radiology for animals.” 

After high school, Toscano doesn’t exactly know where she wants to go yet, but she does have an idea.  

Halee with her friend Jenna. (Hailee Toscano)

“I am not sure where I want to go to college right now, but one that is really cool that I am looking at is Texas State University,” Toscano said. “When you are done there and graduate you can jump in the San Marcos River as a tradition. I want to do radiology for animals.” 

Every senior looks back and thinks about all their favorite memories they made in high school and Toscano definitely won’t ever forget hers. 

“Whenever it was dress up as a teacher day Taytum was the best dressing like Mr. Been,” Toscano said. “One time we went to Tea To Go and there were big cups of tea signs, and Taytum got one and acted like she stole it and put it on the bus. Coach Been thought she really did and got really mad but embarrassed when she told the lady at Tea To Go that she would go get the sign off the bus when the lady said, “oh it is right there they didn’t take it.” 

Halee has had fun at Springlake-Earth and the people that got to see her at school every day really do enjoy having her in class. 

“It’s a honor to have a student like Halee that respects what you do,” Coach Royal said. 

Not only does Halee have teachers at school that enjoy having her in class but her friends look up to her more than anyone.  

“Halee’s the sweetest girl ever. Everyone needs a Halee in their life,” Jenna Bridges said.