Lady Wolverines Play Rough at Sundown


Grace McIver

Lady Wolverine and the Roughetts right before the game.

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

Despite missing three Varsity players, the Lady Wolverines played a great game against the Roughettes in Sundown this past Tuesday. The game brought many challenges, but the girl’s pushed through to the end.  

“I thought we could play with them and we did,” Coach Jerri Been said. “I saw good things.” 

The game started off with a Sundown score and by the end of the first quarter, Sundown was winning with a score of 21 to 12, but the Lady Wolverine’s fought through the considerable challenges. 

“There were only six of us and 10 of them so each quarter they had a fresh pair of legs out there, and we would have one,” sophomore Jade Hill said. 

The game continued, bringing with it several showcases of the girls’ abilities, including an amazing steal from junior Taytum Goodman.  

“Our defense was on game,” sophomore Aryca Ibarra said. “We did a good job working with each other also.”  

Ibarra and Hill were both moved up to varsity for the first time this game and made significant contributions despite lacking varsity experience.  

“I felt scared at first, but I felt pretty good once we got on the court,” Hill said.  

By the end of the first half, the Lady Wolverines were still fighting hard, but not hard enough, with a score of 34-22 Sundown led the game. However, the girls performed well against such a good team and made good progress toward their first district game in January. 

“I think with the players I had playing the no. 4 2A team in the state, we did awesome,” Been said.  

The game was rough with players Halee Toscano and Emma Samaron ending up on the ground multiple times, and almost every player being fouled against.  

“It stood out to me the way Emma kept getting knocked over but got right back up and kept going like nothing happened,” Hill said. 

The game ended with the Lady Wolverine loss and a score of 74 to 48. Despite the hard loss, they did great things and learned what they need to perform better next time.  

“We just need to communicate some more with each other, and make sure we do what we’re out there to do,” Ibarra said.  

The Lady Wolverines are currently playing in the Whiteface Tournament and continue to work hard.  

“Our girls never gave up and kept pushing themselves to keep going,” Hill said.