Showcasing Education: Ennah Mosqueda


Andrea Mosqueda

8th grader Ennah Mosqueda.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

As the 2022-2023 school year began, Springlake-Earth administrators sought ways that would recognize students and teachers for their demonstration of the five characteristics of LEAPS. These qualities include leadership, education, attitude, pride, and service. Each six weeks, five students who fall into one of these selected categories and a teacher who models all five aspects are chosen by their peers as the representatives of LEAPS.

Due to her academic efforts and endless display of dedication to her school instruction and achievements, eighth grader Ennah Mosqueda was selected to represent the education segment. Receiving such a nomination by her peers and individuals at SEHS, she carries great honor and thankfulness to those who recognized her efforts. However, it did come as a great surprise.

“I never thought that I was going to be nominated for it,” E. Mosqueda said. “I was really surprised.”

When voting, students and her peers took great pride in nominating someone they knew deserved to be recognized this six weeks.

“Ennah is what one would call a go-getter. Ennah is going to see the expectation she needs to meet and go get it. She isn’t going to stop,” cousin Xavyer Mosqueda said. “For as long as I’ve known Ennah, she has always held herself to a high standard and held herself accountable. That aspect is admirable. I was very proud to nominate Ennah for this award.”

In fact, for parents Andrea and Jason Mosqueda, that aspect makes them very proud of Ennah and the hard work she puts into her academics.

“As a parent, I felt proud,” J. Mosqueda said. “I also felt that it was awesome that teachers and peers thought highly of Ennah and that I hoped she was as proud of herself as I was.”

With all the hard work put into academics and earning the education nomination, appreciating the moment and allowing others to see that they, too, can earn such a nomination is crucial and important.

“I would like Ennah to sit back and enjoy the moment of any accolades she earns and receives; I hope she is always humble and appreciative to her teachers and peers,” J. Mosqueda said. “I hope others can see what Ennah does academically and realize that if they set goals and work on them, they can also be recognized for their talents.”

Moving forward this year and the years to come, she plans to keep doing what she’s always done which is focusing on bettering herself and getting the most out of her education.

“I try to be a good student. I always try my hardest and strive to be the best,” E. Mosqueda said. “I’m going to keep my grades up, continue paying attention and working hard. Your education plays a big impact on your future, so it’s important that I do these things.”