Senior Spotlight: Gabrielle Longoria


Gabi Longoria

Senior Gabrielle Longoria

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

Senior; it is a title that symbolizes many principles including the hard work and dedication one has put in over the course of fourteen years. It symbolizes the ending of a great lived chapter of childhood to the day a diploma awaits someone on the other side of the stage, representing their end of adolescence and step into the world as a matured adult.  

The Class of 2023 will soon embark on their journey beyond the doors of Springlake-Earth and find their individual place in the world that awaits them. They have all modeled the growth and determination required for one to make the achievements necessary to carry such a title of being a senior, and a senior this year that embodies these very essences perfectly is Gabrielle Longoria.  

Gabrielle Longoria, better known as Gabi, is the oldest daughter of Carrie Longoria and big sister to Lizzy, Michael, Vivi, and Emmy. After high school, Gabi intends to pursue a career in marine biology at Texas A&M in Galveston. Later, she wants to move to California where she can further herself in her selected career.  

Senior Gabi Longoria with sisters Emmy (left) and Vivi (right). (Carrie Longoria )

Throughout high school, Gabi has participated in many extracurriculars, including band, choir, and theatre, which she believes has helped her find her place in the world. After growing up in Earth and attending Springlake-Earth her entire life, she is ready to seek the new adventures that await her.  

“I am definitely excited to graduate,” G. Longoria said. “I’ve gone to school since I was six, and I’m ready to start my journey in higher education.” 

Growing up, she never could settle on one career pathway she wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until marine biology that she discovered a sense of the future. 

“When I was younger, I was never really sure what I would be,” G. Longoria said. “I would hop from nurse to author to everything else under the sun.” 

Finally in the eighth grade, marine biology was a career that became very evident to her. Looking back on how far she has come in school and as a person, Gabi knows a younger version of herself would be very proud. 

“Five years ago, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, and I definitely didn’t see myself becoming a marine biologist,” G. Longoria said. “I do, however, think that twelve-year-old me would be proud of how far I’ve come and would think it’s very cool how much I have learned.” 

Her mother, Carrie, has enjoyed watching the little girl she once knew develop into the beautiful person Gabi is today. 

Senior Gabi Longoria with brother Michael. (Gabi Longoria)

“Watching Gabi grow up has been an incredible journey. She has been so independent and strong willed since she was a small child,” C. Longoria said. “Seeing who she has grown into so far makes me incredibly proud! I look forward to watching the rest of her journey!” 

Reflecting on everything that she has encountered and accomplished over the years, there is one thing that Gabi is most proud of. 

“Over my four years in high school, I was able to truly expand my knowledge from basic sciences to knowing how to manage my own finances in the real world,” G. Longoria said. 

It is this knowledge she has gained that she knows has set herself up for success and knowledge she intends to use in the years to come. More importantly, however, she will carry the many memories she has made throughout high school with her. 

“My favorite memory is hard to place, but I’d say it was the first time I went to state for band. Marching out onto the field was the most nerve-wracking thing, but once I hit parade rest, it felt like my brain just turned off,” G. Longoria said. “I was only focused on marching the show as best as I could. If I could relive the experience, I absolutely would.” 

Getting to spend such memories with Gabi growing up is something that senior Rosie Hernandez is happy to have done. 

Senior Gabi Longoria with senior Annabelle Anchondo and junior Emma Samaron lifeguarding. (Gabi Garcia)

“Being around Gabi, she will always make you laugh no matter if she is tired or having a bad day,” Hernandez said. “If you hang out with her, you will always have a good time. Gabi is the kind of person to encourage you to do new things and get out of your comfort zone.”  

Her personality is something she holds very close to her and uses to reach the lives of others. As she prepares to walk across the stage and receive her diploma in the spring, Gabi holds one piece of advice for students and future seniors. 

“Don’t care what people think. The fact is that most of the people you know now you won’t in five years, and you’ll probably only see them at reunions,” G. Longoria. “So live your life! Be you! At the end of the day, the only person who needs to be happy with you is you.”