Showcasing L.E.A.P.S Teacher: Coach Ball


Nikki Copley

Avery Ball, James Ball, Brinn Ball, Riley Ball, Amery Ball

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

Representing L.E.A.P.S is having one out of the 5 categories voted for by the school. Every six-week five students are voted for and one teacher who represents all of the qualities. There are many reasons that your voted for, which range from Leadership to Service. This six-weeks athletic director James Ball was voted as the teacher who best showcased L.E.A.P.S. 

“Being chosen for LEAPS is a big deal for me. I am proud to have been selected by students,” Ball said. “Hopefully, I am making a positive impact on their life. Whether it’s in athletics or outside the classroom It is an honor.”

Ball is a new addition to the Springlake-Earth faculty this year. Through this honor, it is obvious that he is a great fit here at SE. 

“Coach ball always demonstrates good leadership on the football field. Although I don’t play any sports for him. I feel like he’s a good person to be led by,” junior Xavyer Mosqueda said.

 At Springlake-Earth ISD Coach Ball is a great teacher and makes sure that everything they do is to help the students succeed in school and once they graduate to become the person they want to be. Coach Ball is always willing to go the extra mile and put in the work to help them understand the topic. 

” I want to be able to lead the kids in the right directions to have a successful season, but also to take lessons we learn on a daily basis and use them in their lives now and in the future. Coach Ball said It is extremely important that people notice that hard-work is noticed. They need to understand that their reputation will go before you and be with you for the rest of your life.”

When it comes to voting who showcases L.E.A.P.S, choose someone that is representing Springlake-Earth ISD well. Teachers put in work before school and after school to plan lessons for students  to have them ready for the next day.

“Means a lot that Coach Ball got chosen for L.E.A.P.S, he represents it during practice and outside he deserves it for always wanting us to get better.” Junior Gavin Gonzales

Once the six weeks has ended, everyone would go to the auditorium and Mrs. Furr would recognize people who have been in A honor roll, Perfect Attendance, and many other academics. She would read a small summary as to why that person was chosen. 

Some of the Summary: Always has a good attitude, shows great leadership, Work to lead people to greatness, always pushing us to do our best.

” I’m very excited that he got voted for especially since him and Rylie got it at the same time, he definitely deserves it. His wiliness to help everyone at any time and wanting everyone to succeed. His general personality is always showing LEAPS outside of school and being kind to everyone.” Mrs. Ball said

In L.E.A.P.S the teacher is known for all of that, it could be from having a positive attitude to just being someone the students know they have someone to be there for them. Which sets an example for students to see and follow that with hard work they can accomplish many things. 

” He is a very good coach he’s in a good mood and he will always brighten your day. One thing about Coach Ball is you know that you can always count on him when you need help. But he also wants you to become a better person whether it be in football or outside of school.” Senior Micah Sanchez.