Senior Spotlight: Juan “Nito” Lopez


Jenna Bridges

Nito in his favorite teacher’s classroom. (Mrs. Been)

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Juan Lopez is the 17-year-old son of Gloria and Juan Longoria and brother to Milo and Diego Lopez. Juan, also known as Nito, has attended Springlake-Earth High School since pre-kinder. Nito has grown up to be a kind and selfless young man. After high school, Nito plans on doing what he loves most: working with animals. 

“He’s just so quiet; it is like he is not even there at times,” Gloria Longoria said. “He’s a gentle giant. He’s just so sweet.” 

Nito loves animals, specifically reptiles. He has a lizard named Skeeta. Skeeta is Nito’s best friend and is who he spends his free time with.  

“He loves playing and spending time with his little lizard. That thing scares me, but he loves it so much,” Longoria said.  

When he’s not spending time with Skeeta, he’s on his phone watching YouTube or using his virtual reality glasses. He also has a vast passion for drawing. 

“I like playing on my oculus, and I like drawing, especially monsters,” Nito said.

His mom gets very intrigued when watching him do what he loves most.

“He loves watching YouTube. He gets very interested in the things that he watches, and he picks up everything fast,” Longoria said.  

Skeeta (Nito Lopez)

Diego and Nito do not have much in common, but they do like to hang out and spend time together. Although they fight like brothers and sisters usually do, they wouldn’t trade each other for the world. 

“Mine and Nito’s favorite thing to do is fight and play video games of course,” Diego said. “Nito’s pretty funny. That’s what I like the best about him.” 

Nito has done great throughout his high school years and has had a great experience with a couple of teachers. Not only have these teachers helped Nito have a wonderful time in school, but they’ve helped put him on the right path.  

“Mr. Mahler’s law enforcement class is my favorite because we go on trips,” Nito said. “Mrs. Been is my favorite teacher because she helps me, and we get to do experiments.” 

Nito loves animals and taking care of them. After he graduates high school, he plans on pursuing his dream and becoming a zookeeper. 

“When I graduate high school, I want to be a zookeeper. I really want to be a zookeeper,” Nito said.