Wolverine Spotlight-Taytum Goodman

Taytum Goodman at Homecoming

Sarah Weldon

Taytum Goodman at Homecoming

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

10 years ago, a huddle of first graders were sitting around their teacher, Mrs. Haber. It was football season and they were finally learning about their fearsome mascot, the mighty Wolverine. Every student in the class had someone to admire in the junior high and high school, and they could only imagine what it would be like when they made it there. The first graders stared at Mrs. Haber as she started to describe the Wolverine as strong and independent. Taytum Goodman took those two words quite literally and now proudly represents her school in that very fashion.   

A true fighting Wolverine, Taytum Goodman proudly displays the characteristics of her fearsome mascot and represents Springlake-Earth High School with a dignity that is hard to match. Goodman is a Junior at S.E. and does everything she can to give her colors a good name. 

“Taytum is dedicated and she’s a hard worker,” teacher Sarah Weldon said. “She’s a good athlete and a good student; her grades are always the best that they can be.” 

Goodman actively shows school spirit by being involved in a diverse number of school activities, and by excelling in everything she does.  

“Recently, I went to a cross country meet in Amarillo and ran the 5k against the five and six A girls and won by over a minute. The same day, I went to the Tri-State Fair and won with my show goat,” Goodman said. “I was able to bring home the gold in two different organizations.” 

Goodman also takes the academic side of school extremely seriously.  

“I participate in many organizations in Springlake-Earth, but one of the more prestigious groups is the National Honors Society. I am proud to be the Vice President this year, and knowing I can represent in so much more than just athletics means the world to me,” Goodman said.  

Putting in tremendous effort, Goodman has truly shown just what a Wolverine should be.  

“I think her hard work shows people how determined she is to be the best that she can be,” junior DD Delgado said.

Goodman certainly exhibits strong and independent when game time comes around. 

“She’s definitely good at getting serious and focused,” Weldon said. “You don’t mess with her when she’s about to go run or play in a basketball game. She knows what her job is at the time and is really good at getting down to business.” 

I think her hard work shows people how determined she is to be the best that she can be.”

— DD Delgado

Goodman has achieved several milestones, and record-setting championships, but one sticks out to those around her the most.  

“I was the proudest of Taytum after her first gold medal in cross-country her freshman year,” Weldon said. 

Weldon has watched Goodman grow into the warrior she is and could not be prouder.  Weldon is Goodman’s former teacher, coach, and a longtime family friend.

“Well, I’ve known Taytum her whole life. We used to be neighbors, she hung out with my kids all the time, and the twins love her,” Weldon said. “I love seeing her successes. They bring me to tears almost because I feel like she is one of my own kids.”  

Goodman hopes to continue is showcasing her fighting Wolverine spirit, and making her alma mater proud.  

“I want to bring home more gold because not only does it make me look good, but it makes the school as a whole look good,” Goodman said.  

Goodman can often be seen sporting the quote: ‘though she be but little, she is fierce’. She certainly has a fierce war face, but she also knows how to make people smile.  

“The funniest thing I have ever seen Taytum do is her random dances like her ‘victory’ dance,” Delgado said.  

With her hard work, dedication, and easy-going spirit, Goodman sets a wonderful example for the little cubs looking up to her.  

“Taytum is a great role model for the little kids in elementary,” Delgado said. “She shows kids that there is a possibility of achieving anything they put their minds to.” 

Goodman takes representing her school and bearing its colors very seriously. She has so much under her belt already and will only continue to grow and excel. 

“It means so much to me to be a Wolverine, to represent this school in the way I do, and to put this school on the maps,” Goodman said. “Knowing that I represent and people look up to me makes me want to keep persevering.”