Showcasing Attitude: Lynnsey Mahler


Annabelle Anchondo

Lynnsey having a blast

Jenna Bridges, Writer

Springlake-Earth High School has been focused this year on L.E.A.P.S. Leadership, education, attitude, pride, and service are all apart of L.E.A.P.S. The students at SEHS get to vote on someone, who gives it their all, each six weeks, to represent each of the five positions. During the first six weeks, Lynnsey Mahler was awarded the attitude showcase.

Mahler has an outstanding attitude in everything she does, such as National Honor Society, debate, theatre, Ag, and journalism. Which is why the students nominated her for the attitude position.  

“No matter how early or how late we are at the school, Lynnsey always has a smile on her face,” junior Grace McIver said. “She’s always ready to do everything the best possible way she can.” 

Although it was a pleasant surprise, being voted to represent the attitude part of the L.E.A.P.S curriculum is an honorary achievement for Mahler. 

“It means a lot to me to receive that award,” Mahler said. “It was something that truly reflected the student body, and I was not expecting it at all.”  

Lynnsey is a very outgoing person who believes that every single bit of effort she puts into everything she does will eventually be worth it.  

“I really try and keep in mind that I am where I am for a reason, there is no point in doing anything halfhearted,” Mahler said. “If I have to do it, why not give it my all.” 

Lynnsey also does everything that is asked of her with a purpose. She is always willing to put in the time and effort to succeed in her academics. 

“Anything teachers ask of her, she does it with no complaints and no questions asked.” 

Lynnsey’s smile has left a wonderful impact on many people, including SE graduate Katy Jones.  

“Lynnsey is definitely a really sweet girl who always has a good attitude,” Jones said. “I remember having to be at the school early in the morning before one-act play competitions, and she was just always in a good mood.”