Is Dual Credit Appropriate for High School Students?


Taytum Goodman, Writer

There has always been a debate on whether dual credit is appropriate for high school.   

Dual credit should not be allowed for high school students to take because it causes so many problems for students every year.   

Time is really important to be successful in dual credit.  Most of all the courses in their syllabus recommend spending 1-2 hours a day on the course.  High school students already go to school for eight to nine hours a day.  After school students that are involved in sports, FFA, or even have choir spend a lot of time doing that.  When they finally get home and eat dinner it is already close to nine, and they still have to get their dual credit done.  Being involved in all of that and still having dual credit to can be extremely stressful on students as well. 

Being stressed at a young age can cause high blood pressure, weaken the immune system and contribute to diseases such as obesity and heart disease.  Nine out of ten students in high school say they get stressed over dual credit each year.  Dual credit should not be allowed in high school not only because it causes stress on young minds, but kids should also have a life outside of school. 

Having so many hours of dual credit in high school could allow students to jump grades when they get into college.  College is not just supposed to be all about class and learning.  People are supposed to experiences things they wouldn’t in high school and meet new people.  Having those extra hours in high school from dual credit making you jump grades in college limits you on all the college fun experiences. 

Although, dual credit can be useful in high school for students that are serious about getting a degree and going into the world as soon as they can, or even for those students that do not have anything to do after school or on the weekends, it’s cons outweigh it’s pros for the average high school student.

Even though there is good in having dual credit in high school there is more bad then good. Let’s do something as the student body and make a change.