Senior Spotlight: Micah Sanchez


Micah Sanchez

Micah in the mirror

Lynnsey Mahler, Writer

Fresh air cuts the faces of the three seniors as they taste life in the fast lane.  

On Senior Micah Sanchez’s scooter.  

Seniors Roel Fuentes, Cain Tovar, and the famous Micah Sanchez are living life, zipping at your average walking pace down the sidewalks of SEHS. All of the sudden, junior Gavin Gonzales decides they are simply not going fast enough. Instantly, he is pushing the scooter and running full speed. It is reported that the group reached impressive speeds of 15 miles per hour that day.  

Suddenly, a crack in the concrete mysteriously appears in front of the quartet and everyone goes flying.  

Tovar falls to the left.  

Fuentes dodges the scooter and rolls to the right.  

And Sanchez, poor broken-toed Sanchez, flies over the scooter and lands flat on his back.  

Micah Sanchez is the kind of person who leaves a lasting impact on everyone around him. He is known for his friendly personality, his genuine nature, and most notably, his ability to make anyone and everyone laugh. Micah, although having recently broken his toe, is an avid athlete and shows true leadership in football and basketball. After graduation, Micah plans to go to college, get his C.D.L., and then obtain an apprenticeship at a lineman school. Generally, though, he is a clown who brightens the day of everyone around him. His teachers enjoy his antics and daily escapades.  

“He talks about himself in the third person, and it’s really funny,” Micah’s math models teacher Bren Ball shared. “He cracks me up. He’s just a positive kid.” 

Micah loves to have a good time, but even more, he loves to make those around him smile.  

“I like to give and like to help,” Micah said. “I’m just a very friendly person.” 

One of his best friends, Cain Tovar, is a prime example of how impactful Micah’s cheery spirit can truly be.  

“As a person, he just brightens your day,” Tovar expressed. “I have a positive outlook on life because of Micah.” 

Micah has always been there for the people around him whether it’s offering a laugh or a ride home. 

“He is the funniest and coolest person you will ever meet,” Tovar said. “He always makes your day, and he just says some funny stuff whenever you’re down.”

Ball and Micah have clicked from the very beginning, and she enjoys having his boisterous nature to spice up class every day.

“He has a big personality,” B. Ball said. “He just kind of let that out right out of the box.” 

A big personality is not a negative aspect to have, especially with Micah, and this is something B. Ball understands very well.  

“He has a sweet heart, and he wants to do well and be successful. He’s just friendly, polite, caring, generous, and very appreciative of everything that anybody does for him,” B. Ball said. 

Ball has faith in Micah’s happiness in the next chapter of his life.

“Appreciativeness is his best quality, absolutely,” B. Ball remarked. “And friendliness. That goes a long way in the adult world.” 

Graduation is right around the corner, but the last few years have helped shape him to be ready for the world.  

“He’s matured a lot over these past two years,” Jerry Gallegos, a SEHS senior and one of Micah’s best friends, said. “He’s become a better person overall.” 

Micah’s amazing qualities have set him up to be successful after school. 

He has a lot going for him. I think his best quality, though, is his friendliness. He just seems real genuine,” B. Ball said.  

Despite not playing since junior high, Micah has made big strides on the football field by applying these same principles.  

“In football, he’s grown a lot. He wasn’t even going to play football this year,” Tovar said. “He said he would only play football if I played basketball which is cool because he’s played a whole season of football, and he’s done really good.” 

Micah is a big help on the field.  

Micah and his friends at media day (Micah Sanchez)

“He’s a good kicker. He’s very useful for our field goals and anytime we score,” junior and good friend Gavin Gonzales said.

Many of his teammates and coaches are appreciative of Micah’s dedication.  

“For a guy his size, he’s got really good speed, and he can catch the ball really well. Other than that, I think he’s a really good teammate,” athletic director and head football coach James Ball said.  

Football has been a good experience for Micah. 

“I’ve always been good at football; I’ve just never really played. I’m glad I got back on the team,” Micah expressed.  

However, as much as he has enjoyed football this year, Micah is especially ready for one sport. 

“I love basketball,” Micah said. “That’s my main sport, and it’s gotten me out of trouble. I have to go to basketball practice instead of doing something stupid.” 

Several of his teammates pointed out how talented he is. 

“Micah is very good at basketball. He is very useful in the paint, and he’s a pretty good shooter,” Gonzales said. 

This is Micah’s last year playing high school basketball, and everyone hopes he will go out with a bang.  

“I hope he goes far in basketball. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves,” Gallegos shared.  

When looking back, his love for the game was brought about by one of the biggest names in the NBA and continues to push him to be the best that he can be on and off the court.

“Someone that inspires me is Steph Curry. The way he plays the game, they know he’s good,” Micah voiced. “He doesn’t have to explain why he is shooting the ball; he just does. He inspires me to do great things.” 

Stephen Curry, widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, once said, “Success is not an accident. Success is actually a choice.”

This quote resonates well with Micah’s life. 

“He’s able to overcome adversity,” B. Ball said, highlighting Micah’s positive mindset.  

Micah has made the choice to obtain his current success. He makes the choice daily to enhance the lives of those around him, and he decides to use his friendliness to be a role model and leader.

“He’s always looking to help the younger ones and get them on the right track,” J. Ball said. “If they don’t catch on to something, he will teach them how he learned. He presents it in a different way, and they can catch on.”

Micah is hopeful for post-graduation status and the way he has presented himself throughout high school, specifically in the last 2 years. His legacy at SEHS will help him to be very prosperous in the future.

“He deserves to have the best life ever. He’s such a cool person,” Tovar shared. “I hope he gets everything he wants and more.”  

Up until graduation, Micah has three simple goals: pass his classes, get a diploma, and graduate. Afterwards, he hopes to pursue an occupation that will provide him with an interesting life.  

“I want to go to college, get my CDL, then go as an apprentice for a lineman school,” Micah said. “My uncle’s a lineman, and it brings in lots of money. It wouldn’t hurt just to learn something new.”  

Micah’s hard work, perseverance, and light spirit are currently setting him up for greatness.  

“I think he has the capability to just do whatever he wants to. He just has to stick with it and stay positive,” B. Ball remarked.  

Micah has left a fond imprint on B. Ball and she wishes him well after school. 

“I just love him and want the best for him. He’s going to go far in life,” B. Ball said.  

Micah and his friends looking sharp (Braxton Ethridge)

Gonzales also has high hopes for Micah. 

“Hopefully, he graduates, gets into a good college, has a good job, and goes on from there,” Gonzales said.

Ball has also enjoyed having Micah in his life and on his team.

“Micah is a very respectful young man, a good teammate, and works well with others,” J. Ball noted. “He’s helpful, really friendly, likes to joke around, and has a good sense of humor. I just really enjoy being around Micah, and I think he’s a great kid.” 

Alongside his teachers and coaches, Micah’s friends have shown true dedication to him and have helped him where he is now.  

“My friends are crazy. They’re there when I need them, and I’m there when they need me,” Micah asserted. “Those are my brothers. I couldn’t do anything without them, and they are the main thing in my life.” 

Micah has shaped his friends’ lives as much as they have impacted him. 

“He’ll do anything for you,” Tovar said, explaining how Micah had once driven 30 minutes out of the way to help Cain out.  

Micah has proved reliable to his friends that mean so much to him. 

“That is my brother Micah. He is good to count on,” Gonzales said.  

Micah’s friends have witnessed every step he took to become the person he is today.  

“He’s helped me a lot. We’ve both grown together,” Gallegos said. We’ve done everything, so he’s always there and I’m always there.” 

Another person that Micah has connected with throughout his whole life is Coach Brian Mahler. 

“He motivates me to come to school, he’s got my back, and he’s just fun to talk to,” Micah shared.  

Mahler feels extremely blessed to have had Micah in his classes and on the field. Every day is an adventure with Micah, but this is a fact that has built a strong relationship between the two. 

“I like the kid so much; I keep a picture of him in my classroom,” Mahler expressed, highlighting a longstanding joke he and Micah share.  

Micah with Mahler (Lynnsey Mahler)

In all seriousness, Mahler feels a strong connection with Micah, has loved being a part of his life, and looks forward to seeing him every day. 

“Micah is a really unique kid. I’ve taught him since he was in fifth grade,” Mahler stated. “He just kind of grows on you with a great attitude, wanting to laugh and have fun every day.” 

Mahler has been touched by Micah, along with dozens of other people who look forward to seeing him grow and mature into the life ahead of him. Everyone is hopeful for his future and wishes him good luck for the rest of his senior year. 

“I enjoy being around the kid. He’s just so positive, always smiling, and has a great attitude,” Mahler said. “He’s so much fun, and I look forward to what God has planned for his future.”