FFA Members Go to Greenhand!


Alan Been

8th and 9th graders standing in front of WT.

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

To expand their knowledge and grow their appreciation for FFA, the eighth and ninth grade ag students and district officer Lynnsey Mahler traveled to the Area 1 Greenhand camp held at WT on Tuesday. At the camp, Area 1 FFA officers came together to share their passion and knowledge for agriculture and experiences in the FFA organization with aspiring FFA members. Many who attended feel more enlightened by the activities held at the camp and are excited to kick off their high school careers in agriculture.

“My experiences were really good,” eighth grader Sarah Foley said. “They explained FFA and what we’d be doing as members. They had a lot of different activities that were FFA based.”

Officers had numerous workshops set up for students to travel to and further their understanding on what FFA is while also having some fun doing it.

“We got to do a lot of educational activities to learn about FFA,” eighth grader Braylee Heriage said. “We did popping stereotypes with balloons, we learned how to be better for our ag teachers, and we learned some line dances.”

Through all of the fun and enjoyment, older members of the FFA were able to express the importance it plays in the lives of others, the field of agriculture, and the overall well-being of the nation.

“FFA provides the next generation of leaders who will change the world,” long-time FFA member Dylan Longoria said. “FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.”

As a student who once went to greenhand camp himself, Longoria reflects on the impact it had on him and is especially joyed to know that brother, Bryan, and other students had the opportunity to experience the same.

“Greenhand camp is the first of many leadership camps for FFA members. It’s that opening experience,” Longoria said. “That’s very important, and I’m not only glad I got to be a part of it, but that other students are continuing to be a part of an organization that teaches so many lessons to be learned.”

As someone who is a part of the world of agriculture, local Sam Stevenson is happy to see greenhand camp instilling the importance of agriculture into the younger generation and hopes they continue to carry that importance with them for the years to come. 

“It is cool to see that it is a tradition that is carried on,” Stevenson said. “I think the FFA’s biggest opportunity is to spread the news and help educate people to understand what farmers and folks in ag do and what agriculture does.”